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Open House August 2011

No description

N Lo

on 8 August 2012

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Transcript of Open House August 2011

Open House August 2011

Technology Integration
at Lincoln School Kinder First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth
& Fifth Grades Kid Pix 4 Microsoft Word Storybook Weaver
Deluxe Kidspiration 3 KidRocket Online
Resources Kid Pix 4 Microsoft Word Poetry Online Kidspiration 3 Online Resources Online
Resources Microsoft Word Storybook Weaver
Deluxe Photo Edition Microsoft Publisher Type to Learn Jr. Kidspiration 3 Microsoft Word
& Kid Pix 4 Microsfot Publisher Type to Learn 3 Kid Rex & Google Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel Computer Networks Online Resources PhotoStory 3 &
Movie Maker Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint
& Prezi Microsoft Publisher Weebly &
Google Sites Dance Mat Typing Pixton Students draw, paint and write to represent and share ideas Students practice basic keyboarding skills. Students write and illustrate stories and their cover pages. An antology book is assembled by the end of the school year. Students create and illustrate letter webs. Students learn to explore the Internet browsing educational websites. Wordle ABC Games Art Students record the number of objects from an art work and use their notes to create their own art work. Math Students create addition and subtraction number stories. Social Studies Students draw family members with Kid Pix 4 and type their names with Microsoft Word. Then they cut out the drawings and names and create a wall collage. Acrostic and Shape Poems Students practice basic punctuation and keyboarding skills. Students create concept webs and explore geometry terms. Online Math Book Cover Creator Students create concept webs. Students learn and practice text formatting and punctuation and utilize text organizers. Posters Students design and illustrate posters. Math Students complete, create, and solve addition problems. Language Arts Students design cover pages for reports and design poetry related publications. Students organize information and select graphs that best represent it. Students learn and practice basic keyboarding skills. Students write and illustrate stories. Picnik & PhotoVisi Postcard Creator Shape Poems Wordle Students learn and practice touch typing. Students are introduced to the concept of Computer Networks. Students utilize graphic organizers to compare themselves with book characters. They use Kid Pix 4 to draw the book characters Students collect, organize, and graph information. Students learn/review layout design when creating book covers for a report. Students learn and practice basic Internet research and online safety strategies. Bio4Kids & BioCube Students learn and practice touch typing. Computer Networks Students review the concept of Computer Networks. Internet Research Students learn and practice advanced Internet research and review online safety. Students collect and organize information and select different types of graphs to represent it. Students write, illustrate, and narrate digital stories. Students design comic strips online. Students learn advanced layout design techniques when creating brochures. Students learn multimedia presentation skills. Students learn to use website editors.
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