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Literary Analysis of "The Boat" by Alistair Macleod

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Jack Williams

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of Literary Analysis of "The Boat" by Alistair Macleod

Literary Analysis of "The Boat" by Alistair Macleod
Jack Williams Sandra Smith
Jacob Monague Dominic Bingham
Noah Vout
designed by Péter Puklus for Prezi
Literary Theories
Psychoanalytic and Psychological Criticism
expressing the narrator’s current state of mind
troubled by his father’s death and his past life prior
Biographical Criticism

The boat symbolizes the mans love for his family
The books symbolizes his life
The sea symbolizes the mother
The restaurant symbolizes the change of time
The Winter time symbolized the fathers death
Connection to Father
his father never wanted to lead the life of a fisherman
fished to support his wife and family
metaphorical fork in the road
narrator attempts to deal with the pain
symbolism of the boat
connect with the readers with similar suffering
A tale of tragedy and grief
mourning of the fathers death
connection with his father and frequently mentions “the boat”
In literature, a boat often represents a journey through life, do you consider this true in "The Boat"?

What was the strongest connection you felt with this story?

Does the fathers decisions relate to your parents careers or your future career goals?
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