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All Summer In a Day

Our amazing language arts group project!!

group project

on 19 November 2012

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Transcript of All Summer In a Day

All Summer in a Day 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 The kids live on Venus.
The weather is always rainy,
so they live underground. The kids go to the window to look for the sun. William ridicules Margot. They talk about the sun in class. The class joins in. They get mad and lock Margot in a closet. Plot Diagram The sun comes out and the kids go play. The teacher walks out of the classroom. They play for one hour until it starts to rain again. They realize that Margot is still inside the closet. They let Margot out. They go back underground to the school building. Mood Conflicts This story had many different moods. At the beginning of the story, Margot was very excited because she thought she would finally see the sun again. She even wrote a heart felt poem about the greatness of the sun. When she got shoved in the closet she felt great anger, sadness, and hopelessness because her classmates were awful to her and she would not get to go have fun when the sun came out. Towards the end of the story her classmates let her out. They probably felt sorry and regretful for their wrong doings. When they let her out she didn't fight which probably made them feel even more shameful. Person vs. Enviornment In the story Margot thinks that she is kind of against the weather. Venus is a sad little planet that has no fun. Margot never wanted to go to Venus, but she was forced to. Once she got to Venus she became an empty shell of person and turned very sad and depressed. Margot feels like the kids on Venus are harassing her and they are deliberately trying to put her on the spot. William is kind of like a ring leader while Margot is the lion. After the show she gets caged up into her own thoughts. William taunts her and encouraged the other kids to do the same. Person vs. Person Point of View This story is told in third person limited. It is not one of the characters narrating the story, it is being told by a bystander and focuses on one character. You can tell that it is told in third person limited because the author does not use words like "I" or "me" which are words that show first person narration of a story. You can also tell it is not told in third person omniscent because the narrator doesn't know what is going to happen next or know all of what is happening in all of the scenes of the story. Theme The End ???Questions??? Questions anyone? Characters Setting The story takes place in the future on the always flooding Planet Venus, underground and on the surface at a school. The weather on Venus is dreadful. There is always a storm no matter what season or time of day. The sun only comes out every seven years for an hour. The story is called "All Summer in a Day" because of this very reason. Author information Quiz Ray Bradbury was one of the best authors of all time. Some of his most famous works are: Awards Books 1. Who is the main character and why do the other children dislike her?
2. Where does this story take place?
3. Why do the other children lock Margot in a closet?
4. Who is the author of this story and what are some other things he has written?
5. What is the main theme of this story? His Life Outside of His Works The main character is Margot. The other children dislike her because she might get to go back to earth they also envy her of her knowledge of the sun. This story takes place in the future on the planet Venus. All of the people live underground to escape the constant down pour of rain. Every seven years the sun comes out and warms Venus for one hour. Today is the day that the sun will come out, so all of the kids are very excited. The other children lock Margot in a closet because they despise her. They hate her very much because she has seen the sun and they have not, which makes her weird and different. The author of the story is Ray Bradbury. The theme of this story is to not take things for granted. Dandelion Wine The Illustrated Man Something Wicked This Way Comes The Martian Chronicles The October Country The Home Coming Fahrenheit 451 Now and Forever Death is a Lonely Business These are some other works made by this author. These are some of the awards won by this author for his many great works. The George Pal Memorial Award 1999 The Saturn Award 1984 The Valentine Davies Award 1974 1985 The Ace Award The Daytime Emmy Award 1994 The Star on the Walk of Fame 2002 The Lifetime Achievement Award 2008 The Cable Ace Award 1993 this is the center of the prezi this is the center of the prezi The main theme of this story is to not take things for granted. The people living on Venus don't see the sun very often, and they miss it. You never know just how much you have until you lose it. The story tells us that you should be thankful for everything, even the sun, because some people aren't as fortunate as you are. Thanks for watching! He has written many other stories some of which are Dandelion Wine, The Illustrated Man, and Something Wicked This Way Comes. Born in Greentown, Illinois on August twenty second 1920 Ray Bradbury was destined to be great. In 1931 little Ray began writing while moving between his split families in different states. In 1946 he met his wife, Marguerite Mc Clure. In 1953 he wrote one of his most famous novels, Fahrenheit 451. Today Ray and Marguerite live in Los Angeles. They have eight grandchildren and four cats. Bradbury still remains one of the best writers of all time. This is the center of the prezi. Anna is a loser face Jacob is a poopy-faced chicken pants who has no life whatsoever. Margot- Shy, reserved, quiet,
Margot is the main character. She was on Earth just five years ago, so she has sharper memories of the sun than her class-mates. Class-mates- Outgoing, rude, bitter, unknowing,
They are very unkind to Margot in the beginning of this story. They taunt her and lock her in an underground closet. They stood there as she threw herself against the door. After they come inside from the rain, they realize that Margot was in the closet during the sunshine, and let her out.
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