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The Treasure of Lemon Brown

No description

Maya Roselli

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of The Treasure of Lemon Brown

The Treasure of Lemon Brown
by: Walter Dean Myers

Literary Devices
his fathers words like distant thunder that now echoed through the distance (page 73)
this is a simile because it uses like to compare two unlike things (fathers voice and thunder)
Mood and Tone
it's eery, scary, & creepy because, there is an abandon house and a lightening storm

In the short story " The Treasure of Lemon Brown" Greg wanders away from his building and when a huge storm hits he has to run into an abandoned building that is the home of Lemon Brown. Once he meets lemon, Greg finds out Lemon has a treasure that thugs are trying to steal. After they fight the thugs to make sure they don't steal lemon's treasure, Lemon shows Greg his treasure. It is not what he's expecting. Lemons treasure is a harmonica the his son use to play. After he shows Greg his treasure Lemon leaves for St.Louis and Greg returns home.
suspenseful- you never know what is gonna happen next
the author uses the eery mood and suspense to make it the reader feel on edge when reading the story
a halo of crinkly white hair (page 74)
comparing two unlike things (halo and crinkly white hair) directly, without using like or as
the beam from the flashlight danced crazily along the peeling wallpaper (page 74)
the author gave something inanimate (the beam from the flashlight) a characteristic of something animate (the ability to dance

another flash of lightning changed the night to day (page 74)
the author overly exagerated how bright the lightning was to give the audience a better image a clearer picture
they used to say i sung the blues so sweet that if i sang at a funeral, the dead would commence to rocking with the
the author overly exagerates so the reader knows that lemon is a very good singer
Greg enters the abandoned building
Rising Action-
Greg meets Lemon Brown
thiefs try to steal Lemons Treasure
Lemon shows Greg his treasure
Falling Action-
Lemon's backstory
Lemon leaves for St.Louis
Greg goes home
Person vs. Person-
Lemon & Greg vs. Thugs
The thugs try to steal Lemons treasure, Lemon and Greg prevent them from doing so
Person vs. Person-
Greg vs. Dad
Greg can't play ball cause, his dad won't let him
Person vs. Nature-
Greg vs. Storm
Greg doesn't want to go home, and is forced into the abandoned building by the storm
Person vs. Self-
Lemon Brown vs. Self
Lemon has to decide whether or not to tell Greg about his treasure

Something that means one thing to one person, can mean something entirely different to another person
Lemon Brown has a harmonica that's priceless to him, but valueless to thugs
The harmonica is valued by the old man because, it belonged to his son who died, and it's all he has left of him. The harmonica means nothing to the thugs because, it didn't belong to someone that they cared about
You can't always get what you want
Greg's dad won't let him play ball, because of his grades
The Thugs don't get Lemon's treasure, because Lemon and Greg stop them
Lemon has to leave the abandoned building, because the thugs might come back
Character: Greg
Personality trait: Brave
Supporting Action: He distracts the thugs at his own risk
Supporting Dialogue: He swallowed hard, wet his lips and howled as evenly as he could

Character: Lemon Brown
Trait: trusting
Supporting Action: he trusts Greg with the secret of his treasure
Supporting Dialogue: Didn't I tell you every man gotta treasure. Wanna see mine?
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