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9/11 interview questions

No description

McKenna Huber

on 13 September 2016

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Transcript of 9/11 interview questions

How old were you?
Thirty one years old
How did you find out about the attacks?
A screaming patient watching tv.
When did you know it was a terrorist attack?
When I saw the second tower hit the south tower
Were you afraid of your safety or your families?
Not really.
Do you know anyone impacted by this?
Where were you and what were you doing?
I was in Ohio working as a nurse.
What is your most vivid memory of that day?
When I saw the second plane hit the south tower
9/11 interview questions
Jennifer Baker
How did the nation react

few days?
Shocked and their sadness mostly turned to anger.
What do you think of the governments reaction to the attacks?
I think their reaction was reasonable.
Do you agree with the decision to invade
Iraq and Afghanistan?
Does not know...
Do you support the additional security
at airports?
Yes, because it could help prevent another
horrible event happening.
Do you believe the government should be able
to listen to phone calls ?(Etc...)
YES, to an extent.
Do you believe the nation is a safer today as a
result to the changes that too place?
Do you think that terrorism can be defeated?
Not completely, because there will always be a group
of people that think their religion gives them
the right to do terrorist hacks.
HAs 9/11 changed you? How so?
It made me realize how unsafe we are.
How has 9/11 changed our nation
It made americans less trusting and have more hate
for different groups of people.
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