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Operating Systems

No description

Peter Caroline

on 25 November 2013

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Transcript of Operating Systems

It has no restrictions regarding copyright
Improvements can be shared
software can be personalized to meet the needs of an user
Operating Systems

Server Operating Systems
Is a multiuser operating system that organizes and coordinates how multi users access and share resources on a network.
They are designed specifically to support all network sizes, including medium to large sized business and web servers
Can handle large number of transactions, support large-scale messaging and communication and have enhanced security and backup capabilities
Many also support

Mobile Operating Systems
Is the operating system on mobile devices and many consumer electronics and resides in firmware
Typically support: calendar, contact management, text messaging, email, touch screens, accelerometer, digital cameras, media players, speech recognition, GPS navigation, third-party apps, browsers, wireless connectivity
Typical functions:
Organize and access apps
Ability to return to main area quickly
Organize icons and tiles in main area easily by moving to pages or folders by adding them to menus
Manage system functions, Control security settings
Typically run one program at a time, while others may run in the background
Quick movements and gestures are all that’s needed to perform task
Use cellular technology such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, NFC to communicate with other devices

is an open source, Linux-based mobile operating system designed by Google for smartphones and tablets.
Google Play
app store provides apps, songs, books, and movies.
Google Drive
provides access to emails, contacts, calendar, photos, files, and more.
Face recognition can unlock the device.
Windows Phone
Windows Phone
- developed by Microsoft, is a proprietary mobile operating system that runs to some smartphones.
Sync Photos, files, and setting with Skye Drive.
Access a global catalog of music, videos, or podcasts.
Windows phone provides access to additional apps and software updates.

IOS (Originally called iPhone OS)
- developed by Apple, is a proprietary mobile operating system specifically made for Apples mobile device.
- voice recognition apps, enables you to speak instructions or questions to which it takes action or respond with speech output.
- app provides a centralized location for coupons, boarding passes, loyalty cards and mobile payments accounts in a single easily location.

Peter Caroline
Tyreka Kearney
Stephanie Preacher

Consider This
Why Use Open Source Software?
Ethics & Issues
Are open source or closed source operating systems better?
Closed source operating systems have a closed source code, which hinders third party developers from creatinfg programs and apps; whereas open source operating systems have a public source code.
Open source operating systems make it possible to improve the source code to make better programs
Closed operating systems protect software from viruses and othe security concerns
is a desktop operating system created by Linus Torvalds that was introduced in 1991.
It's UNIX-based and runs on a variety of devices.
It offers free tools and program operations
It's an
open source software
, so its code is provided for reuse.
Chrome OS is a desktop operating system created Google designed to work primarily with web apps
Apps are available through the Chrome Web Store and data is stored on Google Drive
The default apps on computer with chrome OS are:
Chrome Browser
Media Player
File Manager
Desktops made for chrome are called
Laptops made for chrome are called
They both use SSD's for internal storage
Chrome OS
Desktop Operating Systems
Examples of Server Operating Systems
Windows Server
developed by Microsoft, enables organizations to manage applications and websites on-site or on the cloud
OS X Server
Developed by Apple, organizations can collaborate, share files, host websites and mail servers, and more on Mac computers and iOS devices
handles high volumes of transactions in a multiuser environment and working with multi processors
often used on web servers and supercomputers because of its secure, stable multiuser environment

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