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Subliminal Advertising

No description

Louis Pearlman

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Subliminal Advertising

SANTA CLAUS Absolute Threshold: The lowest level at which any message can be detected
Recognition Threshold: Level that a message can be detected as well as being recognized in the subconscious
Differential Threshold: Level where there is an increase in recognizing messages in the subconscious
Terminal Threshold: Level that the subliminal message can no longer be understood in the
Thresholds... - Most effective when below an individual's threshold for conscious perception - The message must be received by a person's subconscious - This is a type of subliminal advertisement called inversion.
- Inversion is simply taking an image and flipping it upside-down.
- The new image now has an alternative meaning. -Thomas Nast made the original Santa Claus
-The image of Santa Claus was originally black and white, but Nast changed it to red and white
-In the 1930s, Coca-Cola popularized Santa Claus even more since his colors were already red and white
-Coca-Cola associates with Christmas, which involves an overall feeling of happiness George Bush's campaign advertisement (Year 2000) Birth of Subliminal Advertising:1957 -James Vicary inserted the words "Eat Popcorn" and "Drink Coca-Cola" into a movie.
-The words appeared for a single frame, long enough for the subconscious to pick up, but too short for the viewer to be aware of it.
-The subliminal ads supposedly created an 18.1% increase in Coke sales and a 57.8% increase in popcorn sales. THE END!
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