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Romeo Community Schools

No description

Lisa Wujczyk

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of Romeo Community Schools

Romeo Community Schools
Teacher Evaluation 2013-2014

Student Growth = 50%
Two student growth goals/teacher (45% of total evaluation)
Goals will be developed by grade level/content area teams
Goals must apply to 100% of a class or 100% of a targeted subgroup.
For example:
100% of 5th graders will demonstrate x amount of growth in x.
100% of students who are English learners will demonstrate x amount of growth in x.
Observations = 50%
District Observation Tool = Marzano Teacher Scales (40% of total eval.)
41 standards - Only select standards will scored the 1st year.

Minimum of 2 observations per year
Observations will be for one full lesson (at least 40 min.)
All lesson plans must include learning goal/objective, curriculum standard, activity, assignments (if any), materials, assessments

Teachers will be given notice of the week of their observation (not specific date or time).
No pre-observation conference
Post-observation conference will be held within one week of observation.

Professional Responsibilities will be rated separately (10% of total eval.)
A portion will include a teacher self-reflection on a survey of parents and students (not on the survey results themselves).
Important Dates
By September 30:
Teachers will be notified of their primary evaluator.
Teachers will have a goal-setting conference with their primary evaluator.
Mid-Year Conference: Only for 1st year probationary teachers and those rated minimally or ineffective last year.
By May 1: All observations must be completed.
By June 15: A year-end evaluation conference must be held to review all evaluative data, determine rating, and begin an IDP for the next year (if needed).
Observations + Student Growth = Evaluative Rating
4-Level Rating System
Highly Effective = 95-100% of points earned

Effective = 75-94%

Minimally Effective = 50-74%

Ineffective = 0-49%
We're waiting for the State to decide on the rating system.
3-Level Rating System
Professional = 75-100%

Provisional = 50-74%

Ineffective = 0-49%
Purposes of the Evaluation Process
Comply with MI School Code Section 1249.
Identify strengths and weaknesses in order to help teachers improve their practice.
Ultimately, to improve student learning outcomes.
All teachers will be responsible for achieving building AMOs for student growth (5% of total evaluation)
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