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Child and Family Outcomes

IDEA Leadership Conference 2012

Alice Ridgway

on 14 August 2012

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Transcript of Child and Family Outcomes

Alice Measures of family centered services are positively associated with child outcomes. Child Outcome Gains:
Exit Rating-Entry Rating
(6-3 = 3)
Compared to the Family Survey measures for the
Impact on Family Scale (IFS)
and the
Family Centered Services (FCS) .01 Removed high (all 6) responders
Only data from programs with N>=100
Only children with specific referrals concerns
Only children with specific ICD9s C3 Progress Categories
a) No progress
b) Improved but
c) Reduced the gap
d) Caught up
e) Stayed at age level C3 Summary Statements
SS1 = Reduced the gap
SS2 = Caught up/maintained COS entry and exit ratings
1=Not Yet
7=Completely -1......................0.....................1 .07-.08 -1.....................0.....................1 Compare the green and purple bars Batya "Trivette, Dunst, & Hamby, 2010" Lisa Session 308

Analyzing the Relationship
Between Your Child Outcome
and Family Outcome Data Discussion We can send you the link to this.

Batya Elbaum@miami.edu
Alice.Ridgway@ct.gov Is there a Relationship
Between Child Outcomes
and Families Perceptions? And how about you? Child outcome data in "SPIDER"
Family survey data has Child ID
External Excel File
Matched records on Child ID
going back to 2007
N=2555 COS Form and Process
Once X per year
to all enrolled on 2/1
with at least 6 months in EI Confidential not Anonymous EI Family Outcomes-C4 Child Outcomes-C3 EI Family Outcomes Child Outcomes-C3 Helpfulness
to family C4 [Helpfulness
to child] Pathways
Effect size
Level of analysis What can we learn from our data? what Are we measuring? Family Outcomes-C4 Child Outcomes-C3 Family Outcomes-C4 Child Outcomes-C3 Family Outcomes-C4 Child Outcomes-C3 EI Family Outcomes Child Outcomes-C3 Helpfulness
to family C4 [Helpfulness
to child] MN CT Same thing
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