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Philippine Territory

Pol Sci report for Chapter 8 (Philippine Territory)

Alexandra Munoz

on 9 December 2012

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Transcript of Philippine Territory

Philippine Territory Fluvial Domain Phase 1 Phase 2 Aerial Domain Terrestrial Domain Agricultural, mineral, natural resources in the Philippines The Philippine archipelago consisting of our three main islands: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao National and territorial waters which the Philippines exercises jurisdiction. Air space above terrritorial lands and waters of the Philippines All waters embracing the said islands and territorial sea including the seabed, sea soil, etc. All other territories over which the Philippines has sovereignty & jurisdiction. Three Kinds of Domain EXCEPT for outer space! There is an international law stating that... the states have complete & exclusive sovereignty over the air space above it's territory and that other state aircrafts are not allowed to fly over the territory without authorization by special agreement. Air Space Outer Space Physical universe beyond the atmosphere of the Earth orbiting satellite owned by a state which is directly above the territory of another state does not offend that state's territorial integrity. The moon, the stars, and other celestial bodies shall be for exploration National Waters rivers lakes canals ports other waters
around, between, and connecting the islands of the archipelago. Territorial Waters a.k.a. Maritime Zone All waters seaward to a line 12 nautical
miles distant from the archipelagic baseline. In between archipelagic waters and
territorial lands of the Phils. National Territorial Territorial Territorial Twelve-Mile
contiguous zone All waters seaward to a line 12 nautical
miles distant from the outer limits of
territorial waters. Two Hundred-Mile Exclusive
Economic Zone Area beyond and adjacent to the territorial sea. The Philippines has an exclusive right to explore and exploit natural resources found there. International
Waters Portion of the ocean which is beyond the territorial jurisdiction of any country. Archipelagic Line > connects the outermost portions of the islands Waters within the archipelagic baseline
are internal waters under the constitution Archipelagic waters under the international law Foreign merchant vessels are NOT allowed to travel in the internal waters of the Philippines without consent even in the exercise of the right of involuntary entrance. Foreign merchant vessels are NOT allowed to travel in the archipelagic waters of a state without it's concept except in the exercise of the right of involuntary enrance.
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