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Blink 182

No description

Skyler Davila

on 17 May 2014

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Transcript of Blink 182

San Diego, California
-Blink-182 (2003)
Tomorrow holds such better days

"Natives"-(Neighborhoods 2011)
"All The Small Things" -(Enema of the State 1999)
"All Of This"
Discography: The band consists of Travis Barker (Left) as the drummer, Mark Hoppus (Middle) as the vocalist/bassist, and Tom DeLonge (Right) as the guitarist/vocalist.
Blink-182 was very successful with the audience, and won many awards in the early 2000's. The video "All The Small Things" won Best Video in 2000 at the Kerrang! Awards and also Best Group Video in 2000 at the MTV Video Music Awards. In 2000 Blink-182 won the 'Best New Act' award at the MTV Europe Music Awards, and then the following year, in 2001, they won the 'Best Rock Act' also at the MTV Europe Music Awards. At the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards they won the 'Favorite Band' Award in 2001. At the Teen Choice Awards they wont three awards over the span of five years, in 2000 they won the 'Choice Rock Group' Award, in 2001 they won the 'Best Rock Group' Award, and then in 2004 their song titled "I Miss You" wont the 'Choice Love Song' Award.

Vol III, No. 005
Enema of the State
Alternative Rock
-Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, 2001
"Roller Coaster"
Blink 182 Overview: Blink 182 is an alternative rock band. They frequently address emotions in their music, but in a depressing way. They use deep lyrics to appeal to a young, struggling audience. They redefined music, by adding elements of pop and elements of rock together.
The New York Times
said that they, "[took] punk's already playful core and [gave] it a shiny, accessible polish."
They started out as any ordinary "garage band" in 1992, just playing to get away from reality. The band started out their career just as 'Blink,' Tom DeLonge had picked the name, and it was pretty random, they had used a few, such as Duck Tape and Figure 8, but none had really stuck. However that name was also short lived because there is an irish band also called 'Blink' and they were forced to change their name to avoid legal action. They added the '182' for no reason, just to get out of the copyright infringement.
Blink-182 was a very influential band, in 2011, The New York Times stated that "no punk band of the 1990s has been more influential than Blink-182." The band did have their ups and downs, and in 2005 they even split up for a few years (2005-2008). But then in 2008, Barker and Goldstein were involved in a plane crash seen on tv by DeLonge which made him realize he wanted to sing with the band again. This leads to their reunion in 2009 and release of their new album entitled "Neighborhoods," the new beginning for the band as a whole. They became the most influential band of all time!
Blink 182: What's My Age Again?
Music Video: Adam's Song
Thursday November 4, 1999
Blink 182 originated in San Diego, California. They met in high school, and became friends through a mutual interest in punk. Scenes that influinces their style were surfing, skating, snowboarding, and punk scenes, popular in Southern California.
Cheshire Cat: Album #1
More instrumental and less lyrical
Not their best. The worst.

Take Off Your Pants and Jacket: Album #5
#1 in 2001 with 350,000 sales in first week; second best album overall
More drums and rock aspect to the rhythm (more electric/ high pitched lyrics)
Dogs Eating Dogs: Most recent
more techno and slow easy pace (keyboard, guitar, low tone vocals)
Shows a promising future but isn't the best out of their career (first independent release in 20 yrs)
Most successful album: Enema Of The State

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