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Sutton's Daily Dose of Reality

No description

Casey Sutton

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Sutton's Daily Dose of Reality

Are you comparing apples to apples?
Strategies for comparing job offers:
Salary in city A = Equivalent Salary in city B
The offers of a lifetime...?
Or are you comparing apples to oranges?
Take Five
What's in it for me?
1. How much $$$ honey?
Supply and Demand
2. Fringe Benefits
Paid sick leave, holidays and vacation time
Insurance (health, life, disability, etc.)
Retirement/investment programs
Employer-provided services (child care facility, gym membership, flexible hours, home office)
"Perks" (stock options, company car, tuition)

Glass Ceiling? No thanks.
1. Opportunities for promotion
In House
2. Pay Raise
Work performance
Longevity with company
Take your dream job and find the entry level salary for that position in Raleigh, NC and another city of your choice. Use the website above to find the salary equivalency.
Friday, March 7, 2014
Vol XCIII, No. 311
Act like a grown up.
Do your homework!!!
It's only a lifelong commitment...
Strategies for researching career options:
Sutton's Daily Dose of Reality
Choose wisely: Consider fields that have a positive outlook; growing industries.

Don't be naive: Don't just consider the most obvious thing a particular kind of job does. Stop and consider the day to day tasks, and determine if they correlate to your interests.

Remember- The internet is not a figment of your imagination.... it's real: Use resources like the OOH to research potential careers and determine pay (SOL), education reqs, working conditions, and outlook.

Break it down: Use a method you like to sort it all out (list, ppt, sticky notes)

Make a connection: Take the time to speak to someone in that career field.
Location, Location, Location!
1. Location and Environment
Good Neighborhood?
Low crime rate?
Good schools?
Nice weather?
Work commute?
Transportation resources?
2. Individual needs, wants and values
Child care facilities or options convenient
Membership opportunities for gyms, clubs, organizations
Closeness to your faves (family and friends)
Closeness to your other faves (teams, beach, amusement parks, concert venues, etc.)
3. Cost of living
The fun stuff
Index city B
Index city A
Index is based off of 100 being the base number. If City A is NYC at 100 and City B is Charlotte at 70, then it can be safely determined that the cost of goods/services in Charlotte is roughly 30% cheaper than in NYC.
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