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Shrek-Hero's Journey

No description

James Tapia

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Shrek-Hero's Journey

Alyse Oxenford
Jamie Tapia
Ryan Hansen
Paul Cowie
Colin Shira Shrek-The Hero's Journey Ordinary World Master of the Two Worlds When Shrek and Donkey reach Farquaad they strike a deal with him. Shrek is to go get the princess who is locked in the tower and bring her back so Lord Farquaad can marry her, in exchange for his swamp. Shrek grudgingly agrees and Donkey and Shrek embark again.
When they finally reach the tower they have to cross a bridge across a firey pit... The Road Of Trials Fiona and Lord Farquad are getting married shortly after Shrek's return to his swamp. After overcoming the temptress of being alone, Shrek realizes he needs to stop the wedding and win Fiona's heart. But how... Darkest Hour When Donkey and Dragon return to aid Shrek in crashing the wedding. They set off for the castle and, well... Ultimate Boon Shrek's ordinary world is his swamp. The call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Shrek doesn't want to leave his swamp. Ryan Hansen
Paul Cowie
Colin Shira
Jamie Tapia
Alyse Oxenford Shrek's home is invaded by fairytale creatures evicted by the Evil King Farquaad. They take over his home causing him to want to leave. Ryan Hansen
Paul Cowie
Colin Shira
Jamie Tapia
Alyse Oxenford Crossing the First Threshold The Fairytale creatures tell him Farquaad sent them to him. Shrek is outraged. They hold a vote to determine who must be exiled. Donkey is selected and Shrek has already planned to leave. Donkkey and Shrek become unwilling travel companions to see Farquaad. Meeting with The Goddess The meeting with the goddess is when
Shrek reaches the tower where Fiona is being kept. He defeats the dragon to rescue her bring her back to Lord Farquaad with Donkey. Woman As Temptress Shrek has earned everything he wanted... his swamp all to himself and no one else around. It's all he's wanted, but something bugs him... Fiona reveals to Donkey while they are at a windmill that she is cursed. She turns into an ogre every night and back into a princess in the morning. Shrek over hears, but believes that she's saying she could never love him because he's a "horrible hiddeous beast". Shrek disappears for the night and when he returns in the morning Lord Farquaad is there to take Fiona away. Shrek angrily storms home and leaves Donkey behind. When he arrives home is swamp is empty and he is all alone. Crossing the Return
Threshold After the wedding has been succesfully crashed and Farquaad is in the dragon's stomach, Shrek and Fiona kiss at sunset and Fiona turns into an ogre permanently. Her curse was broken by true loves kiss. The set off for the swamp to live happily ever after... Upon crossing the bridge, the duo must outrun a furious dragon, save the princess, and get out ASAP! Shrek is the master of two worlds by being an ugly ogre, but also completely happy and in love with Fiona. He has learned the meaning of love....
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