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Neuropsych Consulting ADHD

No description

Keelie Smith

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of Neuropsych Consulting ADHD

A new perspective on assessing
attentional difficulties

What is ADHD?
ADHD has become a
widely used label amongst
clinicians, educators
and parents, but
what is it really?
A cognitive approach gets top marks...
Cognition and ADHD...

Let's go back to the drawing board...
What we know about ADHD is evolving and changing.
In particular, how one diagnoses ADHD has taken on
a new theoretical perspective, with the emphasis no longer
being solely on behaviour.

As mentioned, the behavioural problems
associated with ADHD are not exclusive to ADHD. Examining a child's cognitive profile can help
discern ADHD from other "look alike" conditions
So what are the cognitive characteristics
of ADHD?
Poor Sustained Attention
An inability to maintain one's focus for a period of time.
This affects other forms of attention, such
as switching one's attention from one focus to the next and back again
An inability to inhibit one's natural response. Associated with acting before thinking and a tendency to rush through tasks
Refers to the tendency for unrelated thoughts to come to mind while performing a task or focusing on an unrelated stimulus. This is associated with distractibile behaviour and a tendency to ruminate or get "stuck"
Response Variation
Refers to the inconsistent nature of a child's cognition. For example, the time it takes a child to perform a task or the accuracy of their responses may vary greatly as their level of attention varies
The Result...
Poor grades
Low motivation
Disrupts others
Falls behind
An approach that combines cognition and
behaviour provides the most accurate and
comprehensive description of a child's

A Cognitive Approach Gets Top Marks
What does a
assessment entail?
Your Web Neuro Focus Report
Get in touch with us...
We look forward to hearing from you and answering your questions
Sub-Test Examples
Trail Making Test
Connect the numbers and letters alernatively
as quickly as possible e.g., 1-A-2-B etc:
This assesses processing speed & switching attention
Colour-word Interference
Look at the word and then select the word's ink
from the options below as quickly as possible i.e., the colour the word is printed in and not the word itself
blue green red yellow
This assesses sustained attention,
processing speed & response inhibition
During the 2 hour appointment, a parent completes the behavioural questionnaire and the child completes the computer based cognitive assessment.
A report is generated immediately & a feedback
session can be arranged to discuss
the results
David Rosenstein & Katharine James
(021) 433 1721
Cognitive Marker Distribution
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