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Microlearning: A Brief Introduction

A quick summary of the statistics and thoughts behind the Microlearning movement

Justin Scoville

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Microlearning: A Brief Introduction

Microlearning: A Brief Introduction
It takes 43-185 hours (~2-8 days) to create
hour of training....
We consume 15 hours of media per day
80% of knowledge learned during traditional training is forgotten within 30 days
...which usually means employees are getting trained on outdated information
Boomers are consuming 70%
more media than a year ago
Attention spans now clock in at...
...8 seconds
and that's not just Millennials...
That's 1 second shorter than a goldfish...
Source: Alex Khurgin, "Bite Size is the Right Size." http://webcasts.astd.org/webinar/1273. Retrieved 12/8/2014.
It's time to stick a fork in traditional training...
..and offer training in real-time, bite-sized chunks
That's Microlearning in a nutshell, folks!
Instead of a fire hose of information....
That's a lot of percent, don't you think?

Employees are lovingly fed
carefully crafted modules
In the exact moment they need it
Subject areas are broken down into
1-2 minute instructional chunks
Followed by a quiz or knowledge check
to reinforce retention
Here's an example from Grovo,
a company based on Microlearning
So, how will you use Microlearning in your organization?
Yup. Wait, what? I missed it.
This principle can easily be applied
to technical training in any field!
Cost savings are enormous since training
development and delivery efforts
are more efficient
And if Microlearning doesn't work...
...you can always purchase this machine
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