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Lojana's self-introduction (KChallenge)

No description

Lojana Kiatpermsin

on 31 January 2013

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Transcript of Lojana's self-introduction (KChallenge)

My name is
Lojana Kiatpermsin (Yui) Activities Reasons for the decision to participate in
K-Challenge Program Lojana Kiatpermsin Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University Here is my education profile:
Bachelor's degree: Faculty of Arts, Chulalongkorn University (English Major, Entrepreneurship Minor)
High School: Triamudom Suksa School (Arts-Japanese Program)
Exchange Student Program: Arrowhead High School, Wisconsin, USA (AFS Intercultural Program)
Middle School: Kularbwattana School Who am I?
Let’s explore
that together! Now you know who I am and
what I look like,
but I still have more to tell.
Now, let’s see what I have done. Past Internship Program Marketing Communications Intern @ Pullman Bangkok Hotel G As a marketing communications intern
from April 12 to June 1, 2012 Responsible for: Collect daily news clippings
Write up press releases
Contact media
Make advertising plans
Translate documents Attend the hotel’s marketing events Club G Party As a receptionist at the hotel's art exhibition The hotel's wedding fair As a receptionist at G Launching Party,
the grand opening party of the hotel after having
been rebranded from Sofitel Bangkok Silom Hotel Activities run by the university Run voluntary camps to renovate the library and teach kids in rural areas Baantarua School, Phetchaburi
October 2012 Choomchonbaanbangklan School, Pichit
October 2010 Watkonhom School, Ratchaburi
20-21 August 2011 Donate books and renovate library for kids in the schools affected by the flood in 2011 Afforest Mangrove Forest
December 2012 CU-TU Traditional Football Match Chamchuri Intervarsity Game 2011 As a staff at the welcoming ceremony for freshmen in 2011 As a part of the performance in the parade of the Faculty of Arts in Loykratong Festival 2010 Past activities outside
the university Translate documents from English into Thai for Sansiri Public Company Limited A participant in the HI Youth Rally in Singapore
November 2009 Run a reading camp for kids at Watsomboonsamakkee School
in 2010 Participate in the AFS Intercultural Program at Arrowhead High School, Wisconsin, USA, from
2008 to 2009 TOEIC Test Result What you have seen is just some part of my life in the past. But what about the future? I’m moving towards success.
And because success has no legs to run for me, I have to run for it.
This is why I am here. It has long been my desire to work with a great organization The opportunity to learn from successful people The main reasons
that Kasikorn Bank
should select me to
join this program The brighter future
is waiting ahead! Kasikorn Bank is one of the best banks in Thailand serving Thai people for 67 years and still able to remain in popularity nowadays. This proves that KBank has have good management and well-organized work system. If I have an opportunity to work with KBank, these characteristics can make me learn how to manage and work effectively which will benefit me in both my daily life and my future career. Plus, it is a way that I can
get myself ready to the real working
atmosphere in the future. The opportunity to get real
work experience outside
classrooms As I am interested in business and management
and have minored in entrepreneurship, I have
studied many classes concerning how to run a business. However, I have not had much experience outside classrooms. Therefore, I think that participating in this program would provide me the real lessons and skills of management, marketing, sale and public relations apart from all the theories that I have studied in class. Moreover, being a part of
K-Challenge Program can also hone my leadership skills and give me lots of new
friends who have the same
interest. I believe that learning from the real people in the real situation is very effective in that it allows me to see the real example that I can adapt to my daily life. Participating in this program, the participants get to work with KBank executives which is a great way to learn how successful people became successful and it can give me the inspiration in life. I am a hard-working person I believe that when people do their best, the outcome of whatever they do will be good and always satisfy them. This is why I am a hard-working person who wants everything to be as good as possible and tries best to achieve great results. This is the characteristic that will benefit me if I have an opportunity to work with KBank since I will put all my effort to accomplish every task I am assigned, not just well but excellently. I am willing and enthusiastic to learn new things Change is something so common in life nowadays. New things happen every second and it is us who have to be able to catch up with it. I am one of those people who always want to learn new things and consider them as excitement and lessons in life. I believe that there are many new things to learn at KBank and I am ready to take all the new lessons offered to me and give something back to the organization at the same time. I can get along with people well The ability to socialize and communicate is very important in every field you work and I think that I possess it. I can adapt myself to the new environment easily and get along well with people. This vital skill will help me work more easily with new people that I have to meet in the program and will make the work of both my own and the team turn out great.
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