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Copy of How To Win Debates

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amber Wayland

on 26 September 2014

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Transcript of Copy of How To Win Debates

What is signposting?
Goals of Signposting
Remember that your main overall goal is to impress the judge
Assume the judge is incapable of following your argument
Your goal is to make your points so clear that even your judge can't get confused
State everything as explicitly as possible
Within reason, of course
Before you even start debating
The organization of your points should be super clear in the first place within your team
Agree with your partner what your points are and the order that they will be presented
Be sure that you discuss who will be taking each point
Usually PM/MO will take introduce two points, and then MC/LO will introduce the final
If you aren't even clear with your partner, you can't possibly be clear to the judge
How to Signpost
Basically, your credo is: "Say what you're going to say right before you say it."

Make your signposting like a really good outline
Start with the most general stuff (I will first refute the points of side government, and then move on to present the first two of side opposition's points)
Then, say the "tag name" of each point before you present the point (tag names should be catchy)
Good Signposting
"Mr. Speaker, etc... I would like to present side government's case today by first refuting the points of side opposition, then rebuilding the points of my esteemed colleague, and finally presenting side government's third point: __________________"
Start each speech with this
After building your first point..."I would now like to present side government's second point: ___________________".
Then build your point
Start each point like this
Final Thoughts
Signposting feels really awful and awkward at first
Don't worry! You're not alone.
Signposting is extremely important
You really cannot win a debate without it
Judges need help following your argument to its conclusion
Eventually, signposting will become easy and (most importantly) natural
How To Win Debates:
your guide to mastering parliamentary: taking good notes, and being organized.
Parliamentary Extemporaneous Debate
Two Teams: Gov and Opp.
Gov= dissatisfied with Status Quo and supportive of resolution
Allotted speaking times: Everyone speaks for 8 minutes total
Judged on basis of :
Logic- Rebuttals evidence
To enhance clarity and effectiveness
This is not an organized speech. Did she convince you?
Address Judge or Speaker as Mr. or Madame Speaker
Address partner as Esteemed Colleague
Address opponents as worthy opponents
Organizing like a boss
Common Intro
Thank you Madam / Mister Speaker, worthy opponents, and esteemed colleague. I stand here in firm support / opposition of this resolution, be it resolved that...
While Speaking
Look at the Speaker exclusively
Never say "you"
refer to the other team as "side government" or "side opposition"
Take notes highlighting major points and evidence used
Will give more substance to rebuttals
Gives structure to your speech
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