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The Characters of The Crucible

No description

Freddy Aragon

on 10 September 2013

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Transcript of The Characters of The Crucible

Reverend John Hale
The Characters of The Crucible
Abigail Williams
Thomas Danforth
Danforth (1622 – November 5, 1699) was a judge for the 1692 Salem Witch Trials in early Colonial America.
Elizabeth Proctor
* Abigail Williams was one of the main accusers in the Salem Witch Trials
*At the age of 12 Abigail started practicing Voodoo with her cousin Betty .
*Both Abigail and her 9 year old cousin, Betty, began showing signs of illness and very strange behavior, believed they were under the influence of an evil hand.
*she went on blamming people and making legal complaints and testimonials saying that they possesd her, thats was the best way to save herself from findding out that she was a witch
*later on she did horrible things manipulating people and at the age of 16 having and affair with Elizabeth's husband John Proctor
In the play "The Crucible", Author Miller
revisited the Salem Witch trials of the late 1600s.
Reverend Hale was born in Charlestown, Massachusetts in June 3, 1636.
In about 1664 he began preaching in Bass-river-side, later called Beverly, and was ordained the first minister of the parish church.
He married his first wife, Rebbeca Byly, on December 15, 1664.
His first wife later on died in April 13, 1683 at the age of 45.
He had a second wife named Sarah Noyes Hale. She was accused of afflicting a 17 y/o named Mary Herrick. But she was never formerly charged or arrested.
Reverend Hale later died in May 15, 1700
The real case was with nineteen men and women, all convicted of witchcraft, were taken to Gallows Hill for hanging.
What happened?
Abigail is vengeful, selfish, manipulative, and a magnificent liar. This young lady seems to be uniquely gifted at spreading death and destruction wherever she goes.
Real Women
He was born in Framlingham, Suffolk, England as the eldest son of Nicholas Danforth (1589-1639) and Elizabeth Symmes (1596-1629).
Danforth immigrated with his father, brothers, and sisters to New England in 1634 on the ship the Griffin
The life of Hale
Reverend John Hale was a minister from Beverly
He later educated in Harvard where he got his theology degree in 1657

-Known as a virtus woman
-When you first meat her she is a very cold person
-BIG reason to be like that
-Her husband an affair with there housekeeper (Abigail Williams)
-For the most part she is a stud-up woman -
-But still has truble forgiving her husband and letting go of her anger
-Abigail tries to murder Elizabeth
-Only sin she has ever donde is lie in court
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