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Learning Commons: bridging the physical with the virtual

Lightning Talk : LUAU 2014 and UX Meeting April 11, 2014

Joyce Wong

on 26 May 2014

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Transcript of Learning Commons: bridging the physical with the virtual

About Langara
Learning Commons
Bridging the physical with the virtual
Learning Commons
Meaningful Connection
Urban commuter college
2 yrs with a few 4 yr degrees
9000 students, most under 26
2 yrs of physical renovation
Services common to LCs
Reviewed other LC Websites
One way blasts
Feedback from students & partners
Online self-help
Targeted at our student needs
Manageable by .75 FTE staff
Grow organically, as opportunities arise
Student Survey (428)
Student coffee/chat
Interviews with partners such as counsellors
Tutor Survey
Quick how to info/handouts
Practice exercises with answers
Videos on math & science
Online writing tutor
Theme: Targeted
Catching students who need it
Cite quick how to info
Encourage to attend workshops
Tools to work with students
Counsellors Interviews
Next Steps
Top rated topics: develop online how-to's with Counselling, Library and Writing Centre
Top Rated
Subject Specific
Joyce Wong
Langara College Vancouver, B.C.
Practice exercises: work with subject depts to align with curriculum

Online Writing Tutor: explore feasibility

Always link to in-person help for more customized attention
Top within Each
Exam Prep, Learning & Memory
Better search results, scholarly articles

Surprise: Excel
Limited Resources
Idea of online community further down the road
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