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The Cosmobot

No description

Anna Kirkland

on 14 April 2014

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Transcript of The Cosmobot

The Cosmobot
What task does the Cosmobot perform? What human function or task does it simulate?
Cosmobot works therapeutically and educationally with children, particularly those with disabilities learn how to do things such as say words, copy actions, and more. It simulates a playmate or friend, and is designed to make therapy fun.
Is the Cosmobot multi-functional?
Cosmobot has many different programs that go along with it such as online games and curriculum plans and can be used in children with and without disabilities.
Where is the Cosmobot used?
The Cosmobot is used in pediatric therapy in many hospitals including UMD and Mayo Clinic, and is funded by the NIH, the National Science Foundation, and the Department of Education.
How is the Cosmobot taught to perform its task?
The robot is taught to perform its task in multiple ways- the AcceleGlove or a control panel called the Mission Control Input Device. The AcceleGlove is another product of Anthrotronix, the company that designed Cosmobot. It follows the command of a user by hand gestures which the robot then does. The Mission Control Input Device has four large buttons that when pushed send a command to the computer which then sends it to the Cosmobot, as well as a microphone used for speech therapy.
Advantages of the Cosmobot
many children feel more comfortable and interested while working with the robot than a human
you can have multiple children use the robot at once, so appointments are less expensive
What sensors does the Cosmobot have and how does it use these sensors?
The robot is controlled wirelessly, but it does have a button on the top of its “head” that when pressed commands it to move forward and make a clicking noise. This movement and noise are rewards in therapy settings.
In the future...
The Cosmobot has already been altered and improved numerous times (Jesterbot, Cosmobot V3, and more). We believe it will be altered to become more mobile so it can be used in many settings to further the child’s development. We also believe it will be altered to be more user friendly to parents so less training is necessary for appropriate use making it more useful to the general population.
What types of jobs/careers can the Cosmobot create?
Therapist, designer, engineer, researcher (scientist), and technician jobs. The Cosmobot also helps children become higher functioning members of society, so they’re more likely to have jobs later on.
By Anna Kirkland and Leah Folpe
Disadvantages of the Cosmobot
the Cosmobot cannot be used outside of a controlled setting or at home
the Cosmobot must be in the presence of a therapist for it to work effectively
The Cosmobot being controlled by the AcceleGlove.
A therapist uses Cosmobot to work with children.
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