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Jobs that need leadership skills

No description

taylor hughes

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of Jobs that need leadership skills

Jobs That need Leadership Skills There are many different occupations that need leadership skills. Examples Business Executives. Teachers and Professors Military Office Politician Many different careers options within the business field require leadership skills. Those who advance to the top of the business ladder can assume positions as top executives in the field. Every job requires leadership skills even if you don't think! As i am sure most of you know what a teacher is and what a professor is but if you don't a teacher is Ms. Jamieson and a Professor is a teacher at a University or College.

Teachers and Professors make different incomes.
Teachers may not make as much as professors because their teaching requirements are a lot less.

Teachers can range from 40-80 Thousand dollars a year.

Professors can range from 60-100 thousand dollars a year. Business Executive,
When raising money you usually need
a business plan. The man person in charge
of the project is the Business Executive.

The Average Business Executive makes
approximately 10,000-30,000 a year. Military office pay Starting pay $2,784/mo - max $3,503 Polotitions Salaries are different
for different positions
Backbench Member of Parliament (MP): $157,731
MP with odd job appointments (ie. caucus chair, commitee chairman etc): $163,415 – $196,910
Leader of Federal Party: $211,425
Junior Cabinet Minister (ie. ministers/secretaries of state $214,368
Senior Cabinet Minister/Opposition Leader/Speaker of the House: $233,247 + car allowances
Prime Minister: $315,462 + large house budget + car allowance Taking leadership in school is just one step
to becoming a better leader!
Remember you are a LEADER Remember the difference between a boss,
and a leader: a boss says "GO!" and a Leader says " LETS GO!"
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