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Life in the 1930s

A presentation over the 30s decade for Dr. Starling's 4th period APUSH class.

Brittany Boyd

on 16 January 2014

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Transcript of Life in the 1930s

Life in the 1930s

Daily Activities
People in the 30s used to sew, read, play the piano, play with dolls, go for walks, play football, draw, listen to music and do homework during their free time.
Most of the people we have interviewed were not allowed to go out at night with their friends, and if they did they had to be back home by 9:00. They did not go to the disco to dance either.
Most of them went to the cinema sometimes. The majority did not have a boyfriend/girlfriend. But they would go to a friend’s house to play.
During the breaks in school they used to run, talk, play, fight, jump rope and play football.

World Issues
Clark Gable John Wayne
C. Aubrey Smith Myrna Loy
Guy Kibbee Boris Karloff
Joan Blondell Ginger Rogers
Bette Davis Lewis Stone

Hitler becomes chancellor of Germany in 1933.
Other US News:
The Hobbit
by J.R.R. Tolkien
Gone with the Wind
by Margaret Mitchell
The Grapes of Wrath
by John Steinbeck
Brave New World
by Aldous Huxley
by Daphne du Maurier

The Shadow Dick Tracy
Conan Lone Ranger
Flash Gordon The Phantom
The Green Hornet Superman
Namor Batman
Dan Garret Jim Hammond
Gone with the Wind
The Wizard of Oz
It Happened One Night
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Disney was the top cartoon of the 1930s
Politics of the Era
Herbert Hoover (1929-1933)
Franklin Delano Roosevelt (1933-1945)
Presidential Candidates:
Presidential Nominations (Republican)
Presidential Nominations (Democrat)
Hoover (R)
Al Smith (D)
Hoover won
Herbert Hoover
Frank Orren Lowden
Charles Curtis
Al Smith
Cordell Hull
James A. Reed
Atlee Pomerene
1930: Wonder Bread, Twinkies, Snickers,
1931: Tootsie Pops
1932: 3 Musketeers,
Heath bars
1934: Carvel restaurants
1935: Kit kats
1937: Kraft Macaroni and Cheese dinners, Rolos, Smarties,
1939: Lay's Potato Chips, Dairy Queen Restaurants
Popular Snacks
Molasses Taffy: A "taffy pull" was a jolly form of entertainment
Home-made Fudge
GDP: Stayed between $700 and 1 million dollars
GNP: Stayed between $700 and $1,100

Prices of items:
Bread- 8.3 cents a lb

Milk- 23.4 cents for a 1/2 gallon

Gasoline- 19 cents a gallon

Average House- $6,300
Annual salary- $1,500
Most popular Car: Buick series 40 Phaeton - $1,330
School Rates
College enrollment was not very common, however it increased during the second half of the 1930's.
High school graduation rate- 30%
Benito Mussolini invades Ethiopia in 1935.
Top 3 Songs of the 1930's
Conflicts in Europe
Japan invades China 1937.
Hitler marches into Austria in 1938.
Germany, Japan, and Italy withdraw from the League of Nations.
- "The Star Spangled Banner" becomes the country's national anthem in 1931.
- Amelia Earhart becomes first woman to fly alone across the Atlantic Ocean in 1832.
- A black Alabama native, Jesse Owens, wins four gold medals at the 1936 Olympics in Berlin.
- The first commercial airplane flies across the Atlantic Ocean and the first helicopter is invented in 1939.

The 1930’s brought some serious technological advances; radar, scotch tape, Volkswagan beatle, and of course the Viewmaster Slide Viewer. Yup that funky little red viewer that let kids look through two tiny holes at slides illuminated only by sunlight. This was a must have item on every child’s Christmas list.Sorry, Monopoly, and Scrabble.Amos and Andy Taxi

During this decade, 86,000 businesses fail and 9,000 banks close. By 1933 a third of the working population were unemployed.
Role of Women
Women were discouraged from taking men's jobs, as any job was scarce during this time period. Some states even passed laws preventing businesses from hiring women. However, several women must work to support their families despite miserable conditions and low pay. By 1938, more than 800,000 women belonged to unions.
1-Billie Holiday
"Strange Fruit"
2-Robert Johnson
"Cross Road Blues"
3-Judy Garland
"Over the Rainbow"
Natural Disasters
Across the country there was a large heat wave, causing drought in many areas and causing Americans to become overheated. In 1935 Nebraska experienced its worst dust storm as the Dust Bowl was occurring. Afterward, thunderstorms came through and caused many areas to flood.
In the 1930s, fashion returned to a more gentle, ladylike appearance. During the day women wore day dresses, and during the evening they wore glamorous gowns.
Rebecca Klein, Alex Richards, Brittany Boyd
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