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No description

shana sullivan

on 12 April 2013

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Transcript of MLB

"Life Just Got Better For Baseball Fans"
Presentation to MLB Advanced Media
Bob Bowman, CEO

BPPS Consulting Group Major League Baseball Advanced Media Competitors What we know about baseball fans "Life just got better for baseball fans" Introducing the "At Bat" App Communications Strategy Sarah Brickey-Nguyen
Scott Parkman
Gale Pryor
Shana Sullivan

April 11th, 2010 Communications Strategy MLB takes baseball to the fans.
On Social media
On the Go "SWOT"
"answer to case question #2" our recommendations for content on the ipad Welcome to 'At Bat' for the iPad

& Replays Questions? "Life just got better for baseball fans" BAM: Opportunities through Apple's new iPad MLB 'At Bat' Competitors
Fan-centric is Fantastic Introducing the new iPad Opportunities Weaknesses Threats Statistics Fantasy League updates Audio broadcasts Buy tickets Bloggers' RSS feeds Fan contests Social media Commentators Customizable Buy merchandise Subscriptions and upgrades Player Bios GAMES! Highlights In-stadium services Agenda Fans do not regularly attend games But they
do follow the games
through other means! TV Usage Game attendance Revenues from 2001 to 2009 have increased from $36M to $475M. The MLB Market Introducing the new iPad Communications Strategy How it all got started The MLB market and the fan MLB 'At Bat' Analysis Introducing 'At Bat' for the iPad Questions Increased live stream and paid subscriptions
Continued success with iPhone app Minimal time
Unknowns and unpredictability
Name, features, and price remain unsolved App may not be ready
Price resistance to app
iPad app may threaten other BAM products
Discoverability BAM team members work with Steve Jobs
Dominant in digital media market
Huge iPhone 'At Bat' app success
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