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Judit Boros

on 29 September 2015

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Transcript of Intro_Judit

I am Judit Boros.
I am a Hungarian designer currently based in New York, completing a thesis project as an exchange student from Italy.
I will explain ...
Kitchen Budapest
01.2009 - 09.2009
I first went to KIBU to do my thesis work. After finishing it and saying good-bye to the Technical University, I stayed for one more fabulous year.
09.2009 - 09.2010
Talking Flower
Poem Bean
This Is Me!
Contributions in other projects:
Internship @ Swalmen, The Netherlands
Ghyczy Selection
My past expriences include industrial product design, furniture and interior design,
Internship @ Budapest
LanceCom Communications
08 - 09. 2011.
PR and communication agency for Hungarian and international fashion companies and public figures.

Managed and edited social media appearances, press releases, and designed layouts.
Xplora lab
Internship @ Milano
10. 2011 - 01. 2012.
Xplora-lab deals with strategic consultancy on consumer behaviour in relation to products - services, places and systems - processes. The goal is to offer a deep understanding of the object under investigation in order to provide solutions to innovation and change issues: the advantage of using innovative methodologies is value generation and competitive advantage.
07 - 08. 2008.
Ghyczy is a manufacturing company that produces high-end furniture collections.

I designed advertisements for the company, took part in the manufacturing and assembly process, redesigned table prototypes and created a 3-piece lamp collection.
Interior Architecture
EASG Penninghen @ Paris
09. 08 - 02. 09.
Product-Service -System Design MSc
Politecnico di Milano
2010 - 2012
Product Service System Design is an international program in which students work in multicultural, multi-disciplinary teams to create innovative solutions to challenges with a systems approach, combining product, service and communication design.
sticker+sun=Farmer's tantoo
Quo Vadis
We used chemical etching. Each team member designed a map depending on their home / origins.
Wall space organizer that creates an actual reference in space and allows the user to visualize important locations or moments within a specific town-scape.
CUCI.MI is a retail experience where young fashionistas can buy simple clothing and sewing accessories and then customize anything using D.I.Y. equipment all under one roof.
CUCI.MI is a space where people can go to develop and customize their own style without the designer price.
a social picnic
Design for services applied to DIY leisure: our main task was to design solutions that can inspire and help the people of Milan to self-organize recreational activities in nature.
The project aims to be implemented by the Nutrire Milano (~Feeding Milan) program which is working to reconnect the city and the surrounding agricultural areas with effective and innovative solutions.
The Italian Job
our question was: "What if we could offer a unique and traditional Milanese experience to business travellers?"
Italian Job is a service that gives visibility and accessibility to traditional practices for people who come to Milan and are interested in making things in a classical way.

The Italian Job is a service providing unique leisure experiences for business travellers using the already existing crafts services of the city of Milan.
A tiny bean-bodied hero, carrying a modern-day message in a bottle, and also connecting literature and new-media.
The bean blinks a poem in Morse code that you can read and rewrite on the bean site -> versbab.kibu.hu
my responsibilities: project management, product design, graphic design
my responsibilities: project management, product design, graphic design
A micro-controller driven communication tool for plants
Diploma work @
Transdisciplinary Design MFA
01. 12 - 06.12.
The New School for Design
Cultivator Project
The Cultivator Project aims to expose the potential of urban agriculture and the growing movement of local food production that has the power to substantially benefit our cities – and ourselves. The goal is to enable people to become an active participant in local food systems, with the purpose of producing goods within your own home for personal use and for small businesses that can potentially scale-up.
In order to facilitate this process, a toolkit and manual is being designed for helping people to build household aquaponic systems based on low-budget solutions so that everybody can use it.
I started to work on my thesis project in early February:
completing most of the research and concept framing part in Parsons, joining the Transdisciplinary Design program.
I was also collaborating with Chris Piuggi, who is graduating from the Design and Technlology program, working on the Hydron project: Networked Aquatic Ecosystems – DIY Networks.
Hi Prezi!
I experienced the artistic way of architectural design.
besides the university’s mechanical projects I had personal initiatives to satisfy my creative needs
Industrial Design BSc
2005 - 2009
Budapest University of Technology and Economics
During my bachelor years I learnt:
which gave me a strong constructive basis and integrated my generative working methods
to cooperate
and work in teams
to solve complex problems
I had the opportunity to join a furniture atelier as a trainee
That encouraged me to go further
Going back to Budapest, I was searching for a place where I could integrate these newly acquired methods and knowledge with my engineering background
I was working with people who were passionate about creating experimental projects in cross-disciplinary surroundings with multinational teams.
The goal of my thesis was to design an eco-kitchen product and its surroundings. The design calls attention to eco-conscious ways of living and consuming and gives high priority to state of the art technical possibilities.

Plantus is an almost self-supporting system for growing plants, herbs and vegetables using nutrient solutions without soil, caters to fish (also consumable) and features a separated sprouting unit.
I profited from my time at KIBU in every way and understood that
However, I was still full of questions concerning
In Italy I learnt to treat the design process
So this is my story so far.
(interactions, relations & experiences)
design for services
experiments in the
and lately I have been engaged in
continuous learning and sharing are most important.
and good friends.
I gained new skills, point-of-views
that needed answers and further discussion.
design and business
and I learnt
and to be patient...
to cook too
as a transferable
set of tools
that can be applied to a far wider range of inquiry than the production of 3D products or spaces.
Then I got a scholarship granted by a partnership
Parsons DESIS Lab
(Design for Social Innovation and Sustainability)
and the
I own a skillful
fig tree
to make dinners with friends
I love
to make things
During a BIOMODD workshop,
we also made a mini algae bioreactor
I have a keen eye for
international relations
innovative solutions
I am
in art&tech
I apply design thinking tools
& methods
Judit Boros
Twitter ~ b_j_z
Skype ~ judit.z.boros
email ~ jz.boros@gmail.com
(hu) +36 305582295
(it) +39 3279390456
(us) +1 3472083916
and I can talk to Italian taxi drivers
I am fluent in English and French
I use Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Indesign
on a daily basis
Less often I use AutoCAD, SolidWorks, 3DSMax
And now after this stimulating flying circus

I am ready to participate in something great,
that I can grow together with,

bringing back all the skills I gained along the journey.
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