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SWOT Analysis of Hong Kong Tourism

No description

Jenna Cheng

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of SWOT Analysis of Hong Kong Tourism

SWOT Analysis of Tourism

Favorable factors from overseas countries
increasing spending power tends to go for more trips
can promote Hong Kong to potential tourists overseas and attract them
Q&A Time
SWOT Analysis of Hong Kong Tourism
Group members: Jenna(4)
Kelvin Hung(11)
Kelvin Tam(22)
Alice Yeung(26)

Hong KOng
e.g. Advantages, capabilities and resources of Hong Kong

e.g. Disavantages, vulnerabilities, etc., of the nature of Hong Kong
e.g. International market development, economic trend, trend of flowing of tourists, etc.
e.g. competition with other countries, obstacles in market, (lower)demand for tourism services
Development of Various kinds of tourism facilities and attraction
e.g. Business Tourism (MICE), Cruise Tourism
Unique colonial history

Diversified culture:
encourage cultural tourism
How internal advantages help develop tourism in Hong Kong?
How internal disadvantages hinder tourism development in Hong Kong?
How external advantages help develop tourism in Hong Kong?
How external disadvantages hinder tourism development in Hong Kong?
Lack of proper conservation of historical attractions
natural tear and wear
collective memories were sacrificed for further economic development
Lack of Competitive strength
not enough land, natural resources are limited
rely solely on tertiary production
mode of economic activities not diversified
may bound further economic growth
Direct Competition from other Asian Countries
with rapid improvement of economical and social aspect
e.g. Singapore, Shanghai, etc.
Construction speed of infrastructure is slow
Shorter staying time / lower demand from tourists
disadvantageous for growth in hotel industry
income from tourism decrease
new market fail to compensate the loss to Hong Kong of tourists
reduces competitiveness/ accessibility
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