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TF Orientation

The presentation for April 20

Appalachia Task Force

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of TF Orientation

Seminar Students Task Force Center for Social Concerns Mission What should students
come away with? The "Aha" Moment breaking down stereotypes ??? sense of social justice understanding of relation to people of other groups What does this look like? What are some of the student groups who commonly participate? How do we act as a catalyst and engage students in intentional growth when many may not have intended to really go deep into the issues and reflections? Where do we come in? Roles: What are our core values? How do we develop not just the Seminar, but also our own senses of social justice and the community within the Task Force? solidarity
spirituality The people of
Appalachia The Center for Social Concerns of the University of Notre Dame facilitates community-based learning, research and service informed by Catholic Social Tradition. Through the Center, learning becomes service to justice. community partners
community members Welcome! Intro prayer/reflection Introductions Current TF members: Basic ND info
Appalachia sites
Why did you get involved in the TF? What does it mean to you?
Highlight of TF or seminar
What TV character would you most like to be friends with? Basic ND info
Appalachia sites
Why did you decide to join the TF? What has the seminar meant to you?
What TV character would you most like to be friends with? New TF members: Introductions Dr. Mick Introductions Debbie Roles for next year Next year speakers
meeting time charity in truth Final words Summer things to think about
who will be here? Current TF members dinner Thursday! Thanks for such a great
semester and year!
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