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End of Year

No description

Claire Gardner

on 6 August 2013

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Transcript of End of Year

MMS Geek Squad

Here we are
The End. No, the end of the end. :'( You guys were the best friends I could ever have, and I will never forget about you.
But enough with the sadness. Let's think back on happy times.....
Choir Stuffs
Now, I know a lot of y'alls were not in choir. But- (if you buy 2 complatos) those are the only pictures I have.
The costumes were just... us.
The Prank
Congratulations Helen and Emma: you get "The Prank of Eternity" award.
Random Stuff
Table of Contents:
The Rubik's Cube Stucki did
Choke holds
Fun Times
More stuff from before
The Planking Competition of
Probably the best photo bomb ever.
10 points to the person who can name whose classroom this picture is in.
Let's not forget these special Christmas memories:
Saunders playing Christmas music from Halloween until after the holiday.
Stucki being driven mad by Saunders.
Our Secret Santas!
French Stuff
Again, I know you are not all in French. But it's all I got.
This swan thinks it is Monday. Silly swan. It was THURSDAY when we went to La Caille.
Guys: Gigi is a witch. But keep quiet: its a secret!
David is wearing his...interesting...pants. And about 5 pairs of glasses.
Stucki did this randomly in class one day. Shocking.
Ian stole my camera and took some beauty shots of himself.
Sara and I made cupcakes. You jelly?
Now THAT is a beauty shot!
Li'l Bro and Yorrick
I still have no idea how I got this w/o him realizing...
Best platypus trap so far...
Most epic battle: A pilot w/ a dinosaur vs. a Newsie with a fairy wand.
Me, Emma C., and Olivia Dale. High School Musical jump in Fashion Place Mall's Bathroom Mirror.
Thanks for making my choice to go to Midvale worth more than anything. I love you guys. Don't forget about me!
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