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My video game ideas

No description

Adam Batey

on 7 November 2014

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Transcript of My video game ideas

The 3 ideas i chose to do are a Fighting game, Run and Gun game and a turn based RPG.
My Video Game Ideas
First idea

First idea is a fighting game that mix of Street Fighter and Super Smash Bros it plays like a Street Fighter game but has the controls of Super Smash Bros where you only have an attack button and a special button. The game will have a school setting is where the fighters are base off different teachers who uses moves that base on their subjects like English and Maths and the stages are based on school classrooms and you have the ability to interactive with the arena The game is aim at people who like fighting games but I would like a twist and is going to be made as a flash game.
Second idea
Second idea is a run and gun game that is based on World War 1 where you play as a British solider and go through different battles taking out soldiers with four different weapons that are all different each other one. You move through the trenches as a side scrolling killing everything that get in your way. This game is mostly like war and classic run and games like Contra and you might learn things about Britain’s part in World War 1 and this is a flash game as well.
Third idea
Third idea is a turn based RPG that take place in a fantasy/future world where people use magic and high tech weapons at the same time. The plot is you’re main character who you can name is part of a resistance group trying to take back their own city which was took over by the villains of the game. Your team has 10 members on it with their own weapon and type of magic but you can only take 4 people with you at a time they each have they own strengths and weakness in battle and can only have moves each.. This is for people who like classic RPGs like Final Fantasy and Pokémon and it is also a flash game as well.
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