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Shades of Simon Gray: Characterizations

No description

Sarah Balmforth

on 29 October 2013

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Transcript of Shades of Simon Gray: Characterizations

Shades of Simon Gray: Characterizations
Genre-Fiction Novel
Devin McCafferty
Dr. Schroder
Point of View

Omniscient Third Person

Town Of Bellehaven/Havenhill
Themes of the Novel
has dark red hair
wears purple passion lipstick
Ways to Describe Devin
Smart(influenced Simon to do the project)
Emotional (worries about simon when he is in the crash)
Sensitive (her feelings are hurt when her parents put her in the basement)
Graceful (a part of the drama program)
Moralistic(doesn't feel guilty at first when the project starts)
Caring(towards her grandmother when she's in the hospital and Simon)
Characteristics of Devin
Nervous (when put in certain situations or speaking to adults. Ex. when she talks to Mr. McCabe and Debra Santino)
Worried (when her Grandmother contracts the West Nile Virus)
Guilty (When Simon gets into the crash)
Characterics of Devin
Trapped (she feels trapped by her family)
Defensive (about Simon when she's being questioned)
Angry(because of Kyle)
Got accepted to Cornell and Middlebury
Got the role of Lady Macbeth
Characteristics about Dr. Shroder
Worried (about how the school looks)
Suspicious (sees a test that was printed to the wrong printer)
Smart( starts to check on to the hacking)
Dr. Schroder is a flat character because she is not well developed throughout the book, and we know very little about her
Dr. Shroder speaks to Mr. McCabe because she thinks that someone hacked into the system because test answers were sent to the wrong printer
Many people thought that she overreacted when she got the police involved
What we know by what they feel
feels worried about getting caught
feels guilty and terrible for dragging simon into "the project"
she cared about simon because she is upset over his accident and afraid he won't make it
feels trapped living at home with so many people
Dymanic,Static, Flat or Round?
She is a very Dynamic Character because of how she changed throughout the book
In the beginning Devin is involved in the project and she feels no guilt but throughout the book she realizes how wrong it was and she ends up not going to her dream college, and applies to community college. She also breaks up with Kyle because of how self centered he is and that his only worry was himself
What we know about the Character by what they think
What we know about the character by what they do
She drags Simon into the project
She ends up not going to her "dream" college and goes to a community college
Devin cries for Simon
Who is Dr. Shroder??
What we know about Dr. Shroder
What we know about the character by what others say about them
Many people think that Dr. Shroder overreacts a lot and not many people like her because when she sees something suspicious she wont stop until the truth is revealed.
the project
right and wrong
past and present
Devon thinks of Simon a lot while he is in the hospital. She cares about him a lot. You can also see that she cares about her family too.
Community College
By: Joyce McDonald
By: Sarah Balmforth, Chandra Banks, Cody Belin, and Kyler Bender
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