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Woman and Girls displayed as sex objects.

No description

Anisa Riley

on 7 August 2013

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Transcript of Woman and Girls displayed as sex objects.

How women sell
Almost every product that is bought a sold is advertised by a woman who is portrayed in very distinct ways. Women are shown as being sexy, thin, and lacking a fair amount of clothes. Why is this done? Because sex sells.
Would you buy this burger?
This is the epitome of "sex sells." In this video, a false comparison is being made by the spiciness of a jalapeno burger being compared to the hotness of the model. The audience of this commercial is intended to be the people who watch television. It appeals to men because of the attractive model eating a fast food burger. It appeals to women because a woman might try to see herself in the model's situation. The commercial tells women that they could look like the model in the commercial even while eating a burger that is bad for health.

TV shows and Movies use
woman and girls in a negative sexual content.
In the first few seconds of the commercial, sexism is extremely apparent. Women needed to be perfect specimens. The fact that the narrator was a man's voice suggests the importance and superiority of men over women. This commercial is depicting a fantasy that every young women should have. the commercial is putting the women into a situation that they wish was their actual lives. And according to this commercial, the way to get this perfect life was to serve their husbands Pepsi. The audience of this commercial are those people who wish to be modern.
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This commercial depicts women playing angels who are supposed to be innocent. The purpse of this is to insinuate that if men were to wear this spray then even the most innocent girls will give up everything, including their morals. The Audience of this commercial are men who wish to be desirable. It is effective becuase the commercial uses women in such a way that men desire.
Products have not changed over time, but the way women are used to sell these products have changed more than some would like. The way women are presented in commercials is that of sex objects to sell merchandise that doesn't always necessarily need the women in the commercials to sell. Mostly everything advertised is done by a woman. Even with equality between sexes, women are still depicted as something meant for man's pleasure, even if the product is meant for women.
Why haven't media changed the way women are used? Sex sells. It is effective for women to sell products, regardless of what the product is. The reason why is because men want that woman and women want to be that woman. The big problem here is that there are other ways to sell products to both sexes.
This is just the cover to the movie. Can you imagine what the movie has in it.
Here is a picture from one of the Married with children episode.
These are some pictures of a new fictional character in a new show Soulcalibur
The clip is from a dance show; they are 7 year old little girls dancing provocative in clothes that are not appropriate for them to wear dancing like they are to a song ment for the older crowds.
This is a tribute to Olinka Berova.She was an actress.
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The sexualization of women over the years has grown increasingly more common as time goes on. For example all the images to your right show women in a sexual way. Wither it is for a video game or a music video, the trend all seems to be the same. That is that sex sales, and in order to get people to buy or even look at your product you have to have a half dressed women on the cover or in the game.
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