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Exercise for Specific Groups

Exercise for Specific Groups

Toby Clark

on 20 March 2013

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Transcript of Exercise for Specific Groups

Exercise for Specific Groups BTEC Development Coaching and Fitness Children and Exercise Exercise for the older generation.

Older adults are defined as the over 50s.

Chronologial, Biological, Functional.


There are 3 sectors: Public, Private and Voluntary.

The main providor is the Public sector. Last Week... All students will:

Identify two specific groups and provision available for them.

Discuss the strengths and weaknesses and compare to other group provisions.

Describe the benefits of exercise for children.

Some might; offer recommendation for improvement. Aims and Outcomes Considerations Children and Young People Aged between 4 and 14 years.

Boys and girls have different body types.

Girls mature earlier and are generally less able than girls who mature later.

Boys and girls show physical ability at different stages of development.

NHS recommends 60 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise every day.

27% of children in the UK are overweight (BBC.co.uk). Obesity Increases the risk of Type 2 Diabetes, normally found in adults, high blood pressure and high levels of blood fats. Can cause problems with the joints and bones e.g. bow legs. Benefits What are they? Describe (P2) and explain (M2) 4 different benefits
of exercise for each group. Activity On a flip chart, without using words, draw
benefits of exercise for young people. Benefits of
Exercise Keep their weight within a
healthy range. Build lean muscle and lower their body fat percentage. Increase strength
and stamina. Lower their risk of developing diabetes. Keep blood pressure and
cholestral in check. Build strong
bones. Manage stress and
decrease anxiety
and depression. Improve confidence. Develop a positive body image. Sleep soundly,
improving daytime
focus and attention
span. What is Available? Describe (P1) and compare and contrast (M1) the provision of exercise for 3 different specific groups. Types of Exercise Available What provision is there for younger people to exercise? Team Sports
Youth Clubs
Junior Gym
Ice skating
Dance classes Private Sector www.sportinspired.org National initiative aimed at getting 5-16 year old into 5 weeks of activity.

Host the community games.

Private sector providers invest money in the games and their employees then volunteer.

Public sector providers can implement health strategies within the initiative. Other Private Sector Providers Fundamental sports - can hold activities such as basketball, multi skills and football in schools and offer personal training.

Karate instructors - often work in local facilities and offer classes for children for a fee (Derby Karate Club).

Dance classes - are available in most areas and provide dance classes such as ballet and tap for over 3’s (Derby Dance Academy).

Chesterfield F.C - football in the community. Public Sector Providers Look at your local leisure centres...

Sharley Park: aquafun, junior gyms, basketball academy, trampolining, cricket and much more!

Queens Leisure Centre: Flip & Fun, easyline room (ages 8-15 gym).

Bolsover District Council: have a variety of initiatives such as Go Football, Sportshall athletics club, table tennis, street sports and badminton (much more on the site!). What organisation is this advertising? Change for life sports clubs aimed at getting young people to participate in Olympic sports.

Creates a network of school sports clubs in badminton, boccia, handball, table tennis, wheelchair basketball.

Targets 13-19 year olds.

Ran in partnership with Youth Sports Trust

Swim 4 life initiative delivered free swims to under 16’s. Change 4 Life Sports
Clubs Voluntary Sector
Offers free sports clubs for children aged from 5-16.

Ran primarily by volunteers.

Runs initiatives such as Kickz-in line with the ECM agenda.

Also offers 1-1 sports mentoring via referral (social services, probation, police).

http://www.sporting-futures.org.uk/ Sporting Futures Compare and Contrast Compare the provision available using your research from last week and the input from today.

Is there more provision available for pregnant women than people with a disability?

Do young children have more of a variety than old people? Recommendations? Aims and Outcomes In this session we have;

Identified a specific group and provision available for them

Discussed areas for improvement for the provisions available

Describe the benefits of exercise for children

Compared provision of specific groups Causes headaches and affects vision. hyperventilation (leading to drowsiness during the day, snoring and even heart failure). OBESITY VIDEO
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