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Symbols in 1984

No description

ellen miller

on 13 December 2013

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Transcript of Symbols in 1984

Symbols in 1984
The Glass Paperweight
Winston's Dreams
• He dreams about his mom, symbolizing guilt and torture
• The Golden country, represents hope, success of rebelling, and a life with Julia
• Sense of hope for something that can be better
• Sense of fear when rats come into the dreams which shows that there is truly no hope
• Mother represents love that was once there that the party has destroyed
• Dreaming is illegal, therefore it symbolizes Winston’s rebellion
The Fear of Rats
• Represents fear and destruction of hope
• Physical control (get Winston to give in to Big Brother)
• Everyone has their own version of a “rat” which is what ends up making people submit to Big Brother as it is the biggest fear which manipulates them into giving up/in
Big Brother
• Represents the government/party
• A loss of civilization
• Reassurance of protection to the people
• Totalitarianism society
• Symbolizes threat (noone can escape his watch)
• Sets a specific set of rules
• Vagueness of the higher ranks in a government, you never really know who they are, how they live, and where they are
• Inspires fear and love
• name is ironic, not actually a brotherly figure to the people
The four symbols in George Orwell's 1984 are the glass paperweight, Winston's dreams, rats, and Big Brother.
• It is an antique, so it represents the past
• Resembles Julia and Winston’s relationship
• Coral inside represents Julia & Winston, exterior is the apartment/Charrington’s shop where they feel safe and untouchable
• Paperweight breaks when the party comes in and arrests them symbolizing their relationship’s destruction
• Breaking of the paper weight mirrors the loss of the freedom and hope they had
• Winston buys paperweight for 3 reasons: useless with no purpose, beautiful, & tangible piece of past (government don’t want people valuing beauty which makes it something of the past)
• Coral looks big in the glass where they think they are safe and free, when glass shatters they discover the coral is actually really small which symbolizes how small they truly are when compared to the power of the party
How would you overcome Big Brother if you lived in Oceania in the same time period? How and why do you think room 101 is effective?
What would your fear be in room 101?
What is a symbol in todays and past society that could represent what Big Brother did? Why?
Which symbols display irony throughout the novel and why?
Besides Winston’s and Julia’s relationship, what else do you think the glass paperweight symbolizes?
What role did Winston’s dreams play in the novel as a literary device?
How do all the symbols correlate?
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