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The Devil and Daniel Webster

Presentation on the Literary Elements

Leslie Ballew

on 7 October 2011

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Transcript of The Devil and Daniel Webster

Characters Literary Elements Plot The Devil and Daniel Webster Theme Numbers The Scratch Point of View (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr (cc) photo by Franco Folini on Flickr (cc) photo by jimmyharris on Flickr Black (cc) photo by Metro Centric on Flickr When the devil tries to trick Daniel Webster by reading his future Daniel Webster remains true to himself. This can also be concidered a theme to this story. The main theme in this story is patriotism. Daniel Webster uses patriotism to win the case which also can win other things in life. Minor Characters: the underworld jury, the underworld judge, Miser Stevens, Jabez's family, and Daniel Webster's sons Major Characters: Daniel Webster, Jabez Stone, and the Devil The Devil and Daniel Webster is written in third person point of view. In other words it is told by an outside character. Daniel Webster- (1782-1852) He was a striving American who really cared about the justice in our states. Exposition:The story begins with the narator telling a ghost story that leads into them explaining the setting and introducing the characters. Inciting Incident: Jabez Stone sells his soul to the devil for a more prosperous life. Rising Action: The devil comes to Jabez making a bargain and they both signed an agreement. The devil continues to come anually. When his time came Jabez argued an extention and then decided to take it to court. Climax:Jabez gets Daniel Webster to defend him in a trial against the devil. Falling Action: Daniel Webster plays on the devil's pride. He is able to get a jury and connect to their patriotism. Resolution: Daniel Webster wins the case and the devil agrees to never come back to New Hampshire. Denouement: The devil reads Daniel Webster's future to try to entrap him. Daniel Webster doesn't fall for the trick and goes on. When Jabez wakes up Daniel Webster and him go drink together. Protagonist: Because there are two central conflicts there are two protagonist- Daniel Webster and Jabez Stone. Antagonist: The devil is the opposing force in both conflicts. Flat Characters: the underworld jury, the underworld judge, Miser Stevens, Jabez's family, and Daniel Webster's sons Rounded Characters: Daniel Webster, Jabez Stone, and the Devil Static Character: Daniel Webster Dynamic Characters: the jury, the devil, and Jabez Stone Stock Character: the devil is a repeated character in literature. Setting: New Hampshire somewhere in between the years1820- 1850 Conflict: #1- Jabez Stone sells his soul to the devil and decides it is unfair and would not hold up in court. #2- Daniel Webster takes the case for Jabez. And has to discover how to defeat the devil in the arguement. Afterward he stands up to the devil when he is trying to trick himself into giving his own life up. Motivation of the Protagonist: Defense of goodness and against enslavement Symbols: The scratch left on Jabez Stone's hand is a symbol because is reminds him of his un removable mistake he had made. The devil driving a black buggy wearing all black is also a symbol. Black can symbolize danger, evil, death, or mysteriousnes. which all fit his character. Seven- The number seven is symbolic for completion. The devil returns in seven years to collect Jabez's soul.
Three- In holy literature and in other literature the number three is used a lot. It is usually symbolised as good fortune. In this story the devil gives Jabez a three year extention which could be considered lucky that the devil was conciderate. Irony: Jabez tells his family that the devil is a lawyer come to talk to him about a legacy when the devil was actually bargaining for his soul. Allusion: In this story allusion is used many times. For example- "Let it be the quick or the dead I will abide the issue." This is an allusion to the apostle-creed from the bible. Man vs. Man
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