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The Tragic Flaws of Marilyn Monroe

No description

Caroline Murphy

on 25 April 2016

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Transcript of The Tragic Flaws of Marilyn Monroe

On June the first 1926 , in Los Angeles California, the great Norma Jean Mortenson was born. Or better yet you may know her by Marilyn Monroe.
Her mother Gladys Pear Baker, was a film-cutter for RKO studios.
Monroe had a doomed beginning because her mother was a mentally ill widow who eventually abandoned her to a series of foster homes. She never knew who her father was, or had a father figure in her life. To make matters worse, she was almost smothered at the age of two. Then at the age of six she was nearly raped.
Doomed From the Start

Marilyn had two tragic flaws. One of the two was her alleged relationship with President John F. Kennedy. She never publicly admitted to the affair. However, it was rumored that she called Jackie Kennedy to confess the affair.
Her second flaw was drug use. Monroe claimed that she inherited paranoid schizophrenia from her mother and regularly heard voices in her head. She was prescribed barbiturates to help with the paranoia. But this eventually grew to a dependence on drugs, even though Marilyn never admitted to this dependence.
Not only did Marilyn have an affair with JFK, but it was believed that she also had an affair with his younger brother Bobby. The alleged with the affairs with the Kennedy brothers sunk her into a deeper depression. The night of her death she supposedly had a disagreement with the brothers saying she felt as if she was being passed around like a piece of meat. These feelings quite possibly could have been what pushed her over the edge, and caused her death at such a young age.
The Final Straw
Growing up without a father figure may have lead to Marilyn's desire to have affection and attention from the most famous and rich men. She had several failed marriages from popular men such as Joe Dimagio and playwright Arthur Miller. On the outside she was an American beauty, but on the inside she was falling apart searching for acceptance and growing more dependent on drugs and alcohol.
Attention and Affection
Marilyn Monroe was and continues to be one of America's most recognizable and famous face. But if you look into her story you realize the dangers behind drug and alcohol abuse. Especially when the drugs are used as a solution to past problems, a rough childhood, and many disappointments in life.
Monroe's Moral
The Tragic Flaws of Marilyn Monroe
Caroline Murphy
March 6, 2014
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