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No description

Rocquana Watson

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Lipstick

How He Developed It ?
How Did Lipstick Have An Impact On Agriculture And Society?
What Agriculture Products Were Used To Make Lipstick?
Mix Of Oils , Waxes , Alcohol And Pigment
Use of production Figures?
- Over 100,000 Of lipstick are produced a day, Average use twice a day .. 183 pounds of agriculture is put into lipstick every year
( Covergirl, Revlon, L'Oreal , Maybelline, Dior, M.A.C , Avon

Lipstick & Agriculture
Inventor or Inventors Of Lipstick And When Was It Invented ?
The actual term lipstick wasn't first used until 1880 however, people were coloring their own lips long before that date many historians give credit to the ancient Arab cosmetologist, Abu al-Qasim al Zahrawi in inventing the first solid lipstick.
Abu al-Qusim al-Zahrawi he described the lipstick as perfume sticks rolled and pressed in special molds , Although ( Mesopotamians applied crushed semi-precious jewels to their lips) ( Egyptians made a red dye for their lips.
One way lipstick has an impact on agriculture and society is because lipstick is made with palm-oil which is used for food products detergents , cosmetics , an increasingly bio fuels in some countries run out or cant afford it and people use lipstick for their daily needs
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