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A Long Walk To water

No description

Allie Guzzardi

on 16 June 2015

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Transcript of A Long Walk To water

A Long Walk To water
By: Linda Sue Park

Nya character trait 2
Major settings
Another setting
Salva character trait
Salva character trait 2
Nya character trait
Theme 1
Theme 2
Book Rating
A major setting is Salva's school/ the bush.
While Salva was at school a war was happening in his village and he and other students were told by their teacher to flee to the bush out side the school. Salva was separated from his family and he had to take a very far journey to make it to safety. This was a major setting in the story because it was why everything that happened to did. (Evidence found on page 6)
1st refugee camp (Kakuma) in Kenya is a another major setting. Salva led 1500 boys here from the other refugee camp they were forced to leave in Ethiopia. This refugee camp was not very good for Salva and he was not perminatetly here. For the time he was there, Salva had not liked it because there were many people in the camp causing it to be packed so there was not a lot of room to sleep and keep clean and for everyone to eat. (Evidence found on pages 77-86)
Nya is independant. This is a character trait for Nya becuase she walks 8 miles two times a day to get water at a pond by herself. Nya has been getting water for her family like for a long time so she is most likely used to this. As you can see this is why Nya is independant. (evidence found on pg 64)
Nya is also strong. This character trait fits her well and on page 8 it states, "She looked at the bottom of her foot. There was a big thorn that had broken off right in the middle of her heel.. she pressed her lips together at the pain." This evidence shows Nya is strong because she kept walking to get the water even though she was in pain
I give the book, A Long Walk to water 4/5 stars as a rate. I gave the book this rate because I enjoyed how the story took place in two different time periods. I liked how there was a problem with war and how it was told in two different stories and how the war put both characters in tough times in different ways. This book also helped explain to people how we should appreciate what we have.
A character trait for Salva is strong. On page 66 it states, "The way they were treating him made Salva feel stronger still.. Salva lifted his head proudly. They are wrong and I will Prove it." This shows how Salva is strong because he did not let what the people said about him get to him and he knew he could prove them wrong. Salva could've showed them he was sad but he did not.
Another character trait for Salva would be grateful. Salva shows he is very grateful on page 105.. It states, "Mawien Dut sprinkled water on his son's head, the Dinka way of blessing someone who was lost and is found again. " This shows how Salva is grateful because his father now knows he is safe and alive.
A theme for A Long Walk To Water is : Perseverance gets you a long way. In the text on page 65 it states, "The time for grief was short, and the walking began soon after dark. Despite the numbness in his heart, Salva amazed to find himself walking faster and more boldly than he had before." This supports my theme because Salva was through a hard time but he stayed persistant which made him push harder in his journey. This helped Salva get to where he is now
Another theme for A Long Walk To Water would be: Sometimes we have to abandon things that are important to us in order to survive. In the beginning of the book there was a war in Salva's village and was told to run far away and to not run home because there was too much fighting. Salva had to abandon his family because he was not safe in his village at the time and running far away was his only chance to survive. (Evidence found in chapter 1)
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"A Long Walk to Water." Linda Sue Park Author. Web. 11 June 2015. <http://www.lindasuepark.com/books/longwalk/longwalk.html>.
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