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ana castillo

on 15 November 2013

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Transcript of Cosmetology

Texas Department of Licensing & Regulation

Health & Safety
TDLR require certain "cleanliness" examples are:
Caps should not touch the clients skin
Properly cleaning whirlpool spas, daily
Store tools in clean cover containers
Sweep floors, and whip down work stations after every client
By; Ana Castillo Cos-1

HISTORY,Career Paths
Cosmetology is the professional skill or practice of beautifying the face, hair, and skin.
" Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges, but eventually you find a hair stylist that fits you."

First Aid

Renewing your Licenses
You must be 17 to test for your license
You are required to have 1,000hrs (500hrs are given )
You must pass the written & practice exams
You may not receive MONEY for your services, only TIPS
TDLR ensures public safety and consumer protection. They should ALWAYS have a current address.
Disinfectants used in the salon are BLEACH, EPA, & ALCOHOL,

Bleach destroys bacteria and disinfects implements their are three levels of bleach solutions; Low level, High level,and Blood & Body fluid.
Alcohol can NOT be used to disinfect blood&body fluids it must also be at least 70% or higher.

Fire Safety

ull the pin
im the nozzle
queeze the handle
weep from side to side

Ingredient Information
Knowing the ingredient information helps prevent allergic reactions. Read all labels
First AID
Must be cleaned and treated with an antiseptic.
First Degree Burns
Involve redness only the first layer of skin is hurt.
Second Degree Burns
Involve watery blisters affect both the outer and underlying layer of skin.
Third Degree Burns
Are deeper structure burns and charring of the skin is possible.
To treat mild burns apply ice or cold water to the skin.
Licenses must be renewed every

hours of continuing education is needed

2hrs Sanitation

2hrs License Requirement
Chlorine Bleach
17 years of age
1000 hrs
2hrs Of Any Topic
Hair cutting

Famous Inventors

Max Factor
1908 he began making & selling makeup. His makeup was popular because it wouldn't crack or cake. Later he also invented the cake makeup.
Charles Nessler

1906 he invented a machine that supplied electrical current. These heavy units where used to curl the hair but they where very dangerous.
Madame CJ Walker
1906 she invented a product that was used for the hair. " Madame Walkers Wonderful Hair Product". In 1910 she stated hair salon, and training school.
Famous Inventors

Marcel Grateau
Charles Revson
Arnold F, Willatt
1910 he invented the first curling iron, they where tongs heated by a gas burner.
He marketed the first nail polish. He borrowed his idea from the automobile paint industry.
He was responsible for the cold wave that used no heat and no machine.
History or Cosmetology
Ice Age
Used pigment to color hair, skin, & nails. The pigment came from root, and berries.
Where the first to cultivate beauty in an extravagant fashion. They also used minerals to make eye makeup.
Stained their nails with crimson or ebony (Shang Dynasty) . Royal Families wore gold & silver nails. ( Chow Dynasty)
Made facials out of milk & bread. Hair color indicated there society
History of Cosmetology
They wore towering accessories, intricate hairstyles, but no no eye makeup
Wore elaborate clothing no makeup, shaved their eyebrow and shaved their foreheads.
Twentieth- Century
Fashion was driven by Social Moves. They made home made facial masks and would pinch there checks, and bit their lips for color
Motion pictures came about and American attitudes were influenced by them. People follow trends they see on TV.
Career Paths
Texture Specialist
Salon Trainer
Distributor Sales Consultant
Cosmetology Instructor
Cosmetic Nurse
Train others to perform services
Work for a manufacturing Company
Train people to train others
Technical training, management, training, interpersonal relationships
Provide information
Provide goods and current events
Teach new professional
Cosmetology can be trying, but very rewarding
Treat patients, work one on one with doctors
Help prepare for any major surgery
Life Skills
In the Salon
Being Caring and Helpful
Have a sense of humor
Stick to your goals
Be Organized
Life skills can lead to a more satisfying career.
They help you stay positive and build self-esteem.
Rules for Success
Motivation/ Creativity
Goal Setting/ Time Management/ Study Skills
Attend all classes, be on time
Have all materials
Take notes
Pay attention and ask questions
Build Self-esteem

Be kind to yourself
Define success for yourself
Trust your own abilities.
Imagine yourself working happily in your dream salon with confidence.
Stop self-critical or negative though
Don't depend on other people. Do what is right for you.
Practice new behaviors
Be energized
Stay Productive
Develop success by practicing new behaviors and skills.
Take care of personal needs: sleep, eat, spend time with family
Avoid the bad habits and build relationships
Professional Image
Is the impression you project and the conduct you exhibit at work.
Personal Image
Is the look you wish to project on your time.
As a stylist you need to look the part, act the part, and live the part!
Personal Hygiene
The daily maintenance of cleanliness by practicing good sanitary habits.
Hygiene Pack
Ensures that you are always fresh
Things to include are:
Dental Floss, Mouthwash
Sanitary Napkins
Sanitizing wipes
Professional Image
Things to keep in mind

Put thought into your appearance
Keep your skin well cared for
Maintain Nails, & Trendy Style
Keep cut and color at best
Professional Image
Personal Grooming
Look Good!
Maintain Wardrobe
Stay clean, fresh, and in step with fashion
Keep wardrobe Functional & Stylish
Accessorize appropriately
Use Comfortable shoes
Keep make up tasteful
Personal Image
Physical Presentation
Is your posture, walk, or movements. It enhances or detracts from your attractions.
Shows off figure,conveys an image of Confidence, Prevents fatigue, and Prevents physical problems.
Good Posture
To have good posture:
Head and chin parallel to the floor
Chest out & up
Shoulders level & relaxed
Spine strait
Skills in Human Relations
Greeting new clients/ Intake forms
Ten-Step Consultation
Handling Clients
Is the act of successfully sharing information between people so that it is effectively understood.
People can communicate through words, voice inflections, facial expression, body language, and visual tools.
The ability to understand people is the key to operating effectively in many professions .
Respond instead of reacting
Believe in yourself
Talk less, listen more
Be attentive
Check your temperature
Rules of Human Relations
Show patience
Build shared goals
Show people you care
Ask for Help
Tell people how great they are

Always approach a new client with a smile on your face.
Introduce yourself
Introduce them to people they interact with
Be yourself
New clients should fill out a Consultation form.
In cosmetology school the intake form lets them know services is being provided by students.
1. Review intake form
2. Assess clients look
3. Determine clients preferences
4. Analyze hair, nails,& skin
5. Clients lifestyle
6. Show & tell
7. Suggest Options
8. Make color recommendations
9. Discuss Maintenance
10. Review Consultation
Handling Tardy Clients
Know Salons policy
If able to, services the tardy client
Identify clients that are constantly late
Notify clients if you are late
Schedule Mix-Up
Never argue
Be polite and courteous
Preserve your relationship

Unhappy Clients
Keep calm
Call a manager
Confer with manager
Handling Differences
Generational Differences
Cultural Differences
Infection Control
The methods used to eliminate the transmission of infection organisms.
Disinfectants Used In Salon
Bacteria Classification
Types of Cocci
Local Infection
Is confined to a single area such as a pimple, boil or cut.
Systemic Infection

Pathogenic bacteria and toxins are carried to all parts of the body by the blood stream.
Communicable Diseases
Are spread from one person to another by direct or indirect contact.
Occupational Safety and Health Administration
Material Safety Data Sheet
Environmental Protection Agency
It was created to enforce safety and health standers. The occupational safety and health act of 1970 brought about OSHA.
Provides pertinent information about products used in businesses. Ex; Product Content, Associated Hazard, and Combustion Levels.
They are register many types of disinfectants. Every product must have an EPA Registration number.

Grows in clusters like grapes, and causes abscesses, pustules, and boils.
Arranged in curved lines and causes infections such as step throat.
Grows in pairs and causes disease such as pneumonia.
Infection Control

Destroys Spores
Tinea= Fungi
Tinea Barbae
Tinea Capitis
Tinea Pedis
(Barbers Itch)
Deep inflamed patches of skin found on the face or back of the neck.
Red pustules at the opening of the hair follicles.
(Athletes Foot)
Toe nail fungus, scaly skin and blisters.
Is the incentive, inducement, or motive in a person
Creative Capability
Eliminate Self-Criticism
Change Vocabulary
Look inward for motivation
Don't go for it alone
Short-term Goals
Are set for less then a year
Long-term Goals
Are set for 3-10 years
Setting goals for yourself helps you stay focus and on track.
Managing clients is a must, being a cosmetologist. Having control of your agenda can make a differences in the services you provide.
Improving your studies kills, will help you improve grades and learning styles.
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