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Wind Energy in

No description

Muhammad Mahad

on 7 February 2015

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Transcript of Wind Energy in

UOIT innovative design Team
The Concept
Basic Idea
Proposed Method
History and Background
Trains and subways in the transit system
The proposed idea
Initial Designs
Types of designs and turbines considered
New ideas and designs proposed
Wind Generation meets Innovation
Economic Analysis
Initial Costs - material, installation, infrastructural changes
Maintenance Costs
Long Term feasibility
Thank You
Special thanks to:
Professor Atef Mohani
Professor Martin Agelin-Chaab
Design Brainstorming
Design selection criteria
Shortlisted designs
Changes and Adaptations
Final Design
Design specifications
How it works
Economic efficiency
Tests conducted
Data gathered and analyzed
Relevant calculations and approximations
Wind Belt Energy
Piezoelectric technology
Basic Concept
How it works
Constraints and Limitations considered
Tunnel dimensions and allowance
Maintenance and installation costs
Long term economic return
Results from tests
Projected power outputs
Projected efficiency
Basic Concept
How it works
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