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Daisie Adame

on 13 October 2015

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Transcript of SOFTBALL

Softball: It is an exercising sport that moves your muscles and your bones in this sport your mainly running, swinging and that can cause sore body parts in the shoulders legs and other upper and lower body parts in your body.
SOFTBALL contains these things: Ball, Bat, Players, Coach, Uniforms, Umpires, and many more in this sport called softball.
Women All American League
Dorthy Dottie
Softball was started in 1887 in Chicago George Hancock, considered to be the inventor of softball tied the boxing glove so that it resembled a ball, chalked out a diamond on the floor, which gave it small dimensions than a regular baseball field to be able to fit in the gym, and broke off a broom handle to serve as a bat.
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Welcome to our prezi on softball made by Lacie Rodriguez, Daisie Adame,Vanessa Loera, and Shailah Collins

The Women all American League story
was made in to a movie called " The League of Their Own" it was based on a true story. They where lead by there all- star player Dorthy Kamenshek also known as " Dottie'' lived a long life at the age of 84 she died on May 17 at her house in Palm Desert , California from lingering complications from a stroked sufffered 9 years ago.
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