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The Boston Massacre

No description

brianna costello

on 10 October 2013

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Transcript of The Boston Massacre

The Boston Massacre
How the Boston Massacre started
The Boston Massacre was an incident on March 5, 1770 that led to 5 deaths of civilians at the hands of British Red Coats. This event began on King Street, today known as State Street in front of Private Hugh White as they stood outside the Custom House.
People who called themselves Patriots were protesting the occupation of their city by British troops sent to Boston in 1768. Enforcing an unpopular taxation measure passed by a British parliament that lacked of American representation.

The Incident Begins
Tensions between the American colonists and the British were already running high in the early spring of 1770. During the late afternoon of March 5 a crowd of estimated 300 to 400 jeering Bostonians slinging snowballs gathered around a small group of British Soldiers guarding the Boston Customs House.
The group of men became enraged after one of them had been hit, and they fired into the crowd, but they were under orders not to fire.
The Boston Massacre Trials
It covers the most interesting aspects of the two landmark trials for the Captain and for 8 soldiers, the longest in Colonial history.The trials ended quietly, one took place 8 months after the incident. The second decision resulted in 2 convictions. Samuel Adams wrote many articles during the December of 1770. These articles accused the soldiers of escaping with blood on their hands.
The Victims
The first person who was hit when the British Soldiers began firing was Crispus Attucks, an African American sailor. Its most likely that he escaped slavery around 1750. A squad of British Soldiers came to support those being pressed by a heckling, snowballing crowd. They let loose a valley of shots.
A few other victims were Mr. Samuel Gray, Patrick Carr, Mr. James Caldwell and Mr. Samuel Maverick. These were some that were able to be identified but there were 5 civilians killed and 6 others injured.
A Very Important part of History
The Boston Massacre was a key event that led to the American Revolution. It showed the Rebel Patriots that the struggle for independence would require bloodshed.
When the colonists started realizing that their rights as English colonists were being denied they became upset which is when they started throwing harmful objects at the soldiers. This created very much tension between Britain and the American colonies, also created revolts and protests.
This is when Paul Revere started the Propaganda against the British.
Red Coats
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