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Princesa monstruo1

No description

Alison Brink

on 1 November 2016

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Transcript of Princesa monstruo1

Hoy es martes el uno de noviembre
escribe el cuento en tus apuntes
Hay una abuela. La abuela corre y corre. La abuela está cansada.

en la hoja para entregar
Draw 4 pictures about the story we just read... and then write 1 sentence about each picture in Spanish
en la hoja para entregar
Look at the chart below. In the first column is verb in the she/he form. In the second column, translate the word to English. In the third column, rewrite the verb in the I form, and in the fourth column, translate the I form verb to English.

la meta
to practice the active vocab in a variety of ways
el vocabulario
está cansada- is tired
duerme- s/he sleeps
le pregunta- asks him or her
¿qué pasa?- What is up?
La abuela entra a un zoológico y se sienta en una silla. La abuela duerme. La abuela escucha un elefante. Ella pregunta, ¿Qué pasa? Ahora la abuela no duerme.
La abuela grita, ¡Ay! ¡Ay! ¡Ay!, y sale del zoológico. Ahora el elefante duerme en la silla.

verb in s/he form
verb in THEY form
verb in YO form
translate YO form to English
translate the story from Spanish to English on your page to turn in
Homework words...
write these words in your notebook
you will need to translate the words to English, and then rewrite the words and translations as many times as required by your in class grade
A- rewrite the words and translations 2x
B- rewrite the words and translations 3x
C- rewrite the words and translations 4x
D- rewrite the words and translations 5x
F- rewrite the words and translations 6x
1. la casa
2. la hija
3. la abuela
4. sale de
5. son fuertes
6. la pierna
7. ve
8. la pesa
9. pega
10. el cuerpo
You will use the paper you do your homework words on as your page to turn in tomorrow
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