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Wiki user adoption in a large and diverse organisation

Implementing Confluence at Macquarie University - the first 9 months

Dhyana Scarano

on 9 August 2011

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Transcript of Wiki user adoption in a large and diverse organisation

Universities are... Political Large Use
Paper process
driven lots of documents change
averse Siloed diverse slow
moving (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr not necessarily tech savvy culture of intellectual property ... can you figure out what to do with it?" References and Good Reads Organisational Wiki Adoption

Wiki Best Practices and Adoption Tips
(subset of the above slides presented in video form)

21 days of wiki adoption
(21 short videos - I would prefer to read but it's still good information) http://www.elevatorview.com/21days/

Wiki Patterns
http://www.wikipatterns.com/display/wikipatterns/Wikipatterns Revisit
guidelines "Were getting a wiki... Informatics, Macquarie University Didn't align business processes with wiki culture Didn't train enough people in support forced people to create content Let growth happen organically Had a wiki champion Thought about Information
Architecture early What backfired What worked well Hot topics start conversations Link to the wiki from commonly used places Plan social events Make everyday things easy Meetings Project documentation Announcements (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr ...organic growth (5000+ staff at Macquarie) RefinedWiki
Original Theme How is information grouped in our organisation? @DhyanaScarano Starting a wiki...? Pre-Launch 1 month 6-9 months Layout and
Design Information
Architecture Simple
Guidelines space
Permissions? Personal
Spaces? Revisit
guidelines Getting help FAQs Wiki Clinic Associate Product Designer The first 9 months at Macquarie Univeristy... 20 80 100 260 220 140 wiki spaces Information architecture Space permissions Use a mantra: "put it in the wiki" How do users "Get Started"? "What is a wiki and why would I use it" Naming conventions How will people ask questions? Page templates for common functions Who will support and answer general questions? Write user guidelines (at least simple ones) Help users help themselves Think about... Terms of use 180
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