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Case Analysis: The Beach Carrier

BA 30

Ehrden Kyle

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Case Analysis: The Beach Carrier

Recommendation: Point of View: Case Title:
The Beach Carrier Mary Ricci Statement of the Problem: Mary Ricci lacks capital to produce her product and she's not willing to license or sell the pattern to a manufacturer Areas of Consideration: Objective: To be able to commercializeher beach carrier to the market Alternative Courses of Action: Strength: Mary Ricci is creative, optimistic, enthusiastic, flexible, and motivated.

The product is affordable than the competitors' product. ($12.99 - $14.99) Weakness: The product's fluorescent color lessens the perceived quality of the bag and the size is much larger than necessary. Opportunities: The product has a potential of having a big market share

Due to the main competitors' weaknesses, The Beach Carrier comes up as a better product. Threat: The target market purchase and replace beach bags every three years. 2. Apply for a bank loan. Advantages: Mary Ricci can immediately start production of the Beach Carrier

She can maintain control and ownership of the product. Disadvantages: Monthly payable plus interest will make it more costly.

The bank might not release the money. 1. License or sell the pattern to a manufacturer. Advantage: The Beach Carrier will be distributed nationally. Disadvantage: The ownership will be transferred to the manufacturer and she will no longer maintain control over the product. The reporters recommend the second alternative course of action.
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