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Kevlar Science Project

It's a science project about Kevlar's chemical properties

Sarah T

on 10 February 2013

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Transcript of Kevlar Science Project

By: Sarah Tewes Kevlar Project The History Kevlar was created in a search for light weight tires when there was a shortage of gasoline. Chemical Makeup Kevlar is made up of four elements In the Real World Protection Researching began in 1964 for the material needed and by 1971 modern day Kevlar was introduced. A Polish-American chemist named Stephanie Kwolek is credited with this discovery even though she did not participate in the early on research. Music Sports Smartphones Frying Pans H H H H H H H H H H N N C C C C C C C C C C C C C C O O Kevlar has 3,620 MPa tensile strength. MPa stands for how much stress something can with stand before failure. Kevlar also has thermal conductivity. This means Kevlar is able to conduct
electricity in the form of heat. Kevlar is the most commonly used
material in bulletproof products. Various sports use Kevlar in their equipment. inside of bicycle tires Tennis racquet strings Fencing outfits Nike and Adidas also have used them in some of their shoes. A maker of bows for string instruments named Codabow use Kevlar in their bows. Some frying pans use Kevlar as a substitute for teflon,which is a non-stick coating. Kevlar is used as the back plate in this product. As you can,see Kevlar is a useful material in daily life. Another quality Kevlar has is that it is ductile. A.K.A. ductility When an item is ductile it can be spread out very thin. Kevlar is NOT malleable. This is because after the fibers are set they can never be dissolved again. Now is a diagram on how Kevlar bonds. Kevlar though is only a brand of para-aramid synthetic fiber. Being ductile makes this product easier to use for modern day use because no one wants a really thick cell phone. It would take us back in technology advancement. Tensile strength comes into play since Kevlar must be strong to with stand the blunt force the equipment must handle. Therefore you are able to conduct electricity in the form of heat so you can cook food. Overall Kevlar was an amazing discovery and a useful one to our modern-day world. Without Kevlar many inventions would not exist today.
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