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The Era of the Connected Consumer

Who is this Connected Consumer, why are they so important, and how can businesses reach them

Claus Enevoldsen

on 26 October 2013

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Transcript of The Era of the Connected Consumer

The Era of the Connected Consumer
I'm basically stealing everything from....
Before we get started
Always on
Have a need for constant connectedness
Easily distracted
Act of self-expression
So Lo Mo
Generation X
Baby Boomers
Generation C

77% Family
64% Friends
21% Search Engine
21% Expert Website
20% Co-worker
13% Social networks
When considering a purchase, Millenials will seek input from:
Source: Edelman Digital
70% will try a new product from a trusted brand and most of them will post a review online
36% said they purchased a product introduced by a friend within the preceding week
39% will share negative encounters
47% will write about their positive experiences online
The decision making process has changed
Everything is shared
Everything is public
"Connected consumers no longer start their online experiences by visiting destinations; they visit their streams."
Brian Solis
Smartphones are the great equalizer of retail shopping
Everyone is a publisher

You have an audience of audiences

Brands are co-created by audiences
Immerse yourself
Become a digital native
Embrace change
Ads are less visible
Everyone will notice cover photo
Cover photos with faces attract most attention
Viewers see Timeline content last
Likes, events, apps are top-and-center
Mashable, 04/30/12
Facebook Timeline for brands
Get an iPhone or Android
Download some of these apps:
1. Be there
Facebook fans are much more likely to purchase, consider, and recommend brands
Forrester Research, 2012
2. Listen
1. What are people saying about you?
2. What are people saying about your competition?
3. What's the sentiment?
Hootsuite - a monitoring tool
Listen where?
Google Alerts
3. Be responsive
You cannot not choose to respond, everyone is watching
Respond to everything - good and bad
(almost everything)
Create WOW experiences
Turn irate customers into fans
Act quickly
Speak like a human
Offer a real apology or don't apologize
Offer to make it right
Never get into a fight
Keep it in the open, be transparent
Involve them in the fix
socialmediaexaminer.com, Feb 22, 2012
Validate purchases
Build confidence
Vent and praise (and feel empowered)
4. Engage - online

Encourage conversations
Answer questions on forums, Twitter, etc.
4. Engage - in-store
Twitter or Instagram photo contest
Encourage Foursquare Tip or Yelp Review
Ask to be Liked
Use QR codes
Real-time Like Tracker
brandingmagazine.com, 05/08/12
5. Add value
What can you give away for free?
Social promotions
Sign up
Content marketing
Create, curate and share content
Don't be "salesy"
Be personable, authentic
Be consistent
Too "Salesy"?
6. Sell
Make offers worth sharing
Build loyalty programs
Make check-out easy
Facebook Offers
Currently in beta
Free to create for merchant
Easy to share (so make it count)
When user claims offer, it is automatically shared
Group buying
Location based offers
Build loyalty programs
Make check-out easy with Square
Adapt Or Die
In Conclusion...
About Me
Why share?
To survive, you need to...
Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Google+, LinkedIn, Yelp, Instagram, Blog, etc.
Marketing = Customer Service
Your fans rarely come to your Timeline
Write for their newsfeeds

Catch their attention with words, imagery and video

Weigh quality over quantity
Reach more people with Facebook Market Place
Facebook video
Claus Enevoldsen
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