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Thoughts, Feelings & Actions

An outline of how Thoughts, Feelings & Actions relate to each other.

Bebe Worsfield

on 7 May 2010

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Transcript of Thoughts, Feelings & Actions

Thoughts, Feelings & Actions
We have direct control over our thoughts. We can choose images and sounds and, if we try, we can even go as far as remembering or imagining what something smells like.
Just like our thoughts, we have direct control over our actions. We can choose to lift our arm, run or walk, dance, sing, or randomly act like a monkey.
Unlike thoughts and actions, feelings cannot be directly controlled.
ecoutez duecement, ecoutez......
Our thoughts heavily influence our feelings.
Our actions heavily influence our feelings.
Our feelings influence both our thoughts and actions.
Firstly, lets look at a few simple things...
However, our feelings can be influenced by our thoughts and actions. So, to indirectly control how we feel, we can pay attention to which thoughts and actions have which influence.
to be continued.........................
Now that we know what our thoughts and actions are capable of, it is the beginning of another journey.
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