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Introduction to Unit 1: Obsessions & The Elements

ENGL 312 Reading as Writers across Media

Prof Johnson

on 10 January 2018

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Transcript of Introduction to Unit 1: Obsessions & The Elements

Unit 1: Obsessions & The Elements
Author Presentations - Who Has What??
How "Units" Work in ENGL 312
Discussion Concerning "Obsessions"
The Elements & Example
Draw an Element
Richard Hugo, Poet
Count off by 6 and discuss these prompts (try to replace the word "poet" with "artist"):

Why does Hugo claim that “once language exists only to convey information, it is dying” (9)?

What does Hugo mean by "obsessions?" What are obsessions and where do they come from? What do obsessions do?

What are the differences between public and private poets? Explain.
How "Units" Work
Obsessions & The Elements = Course Foundation
Again, Again, Again
Unit 1 = Obsessions & The Elements

Unit 2 = Archetypes AND Obsessions & The Elements

Unit 3 = Hero's Journey AND Archetypes AND Obsessions & The Elements
That's How Units Work
The Elements
Let's read this together:

MyBLC > Handouts > Course Introduction > The Elements
When you annotate a text or take notes in your journal concerning your "element," here is the kind of thing I expect to see... first, however, let's take a look at this short documentary:

Now let's take a look at the analysis example:
MyBLC > Bookmarks
Get out your annotated reading,
"The Triggering Town."
Draw an Element
For our next meeting, you are to watch two films by Christopher Nolan. For each film, you must keep a "journal" (take notes). In your notes, I will expect to see a beautiful mess that addresses the following:

A list of Nolans's obsessions. What images, sounds, themes, etc. show up again and again in BOTH works? List them.

Analyze your "element" as best you can for each film.

Finally, jot down how the main character in each film comes "full circle." For the sake of argument, the protagonist in
is NASA pilot Cooper (Matthew McConaughey); the protagonist in
is Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio).
Course Foundation:

Obsessions & The Elements
Collect annotated readings.
I will pass around a piece of paper. On it, write down your author and the names of the people in your group. Thanks.
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