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Internet Safety and Social Media Responsibility

This was one of my favorite presentations, and I spoke to a small group of high school students about internet safety and social media responsibility.

Kelsey Giesler

on 17 August 2013

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Transcript of Internet Safety and Social Media Responsibility

Internet Safety and Facebook Pages
Graham FFA Officer Retreat
Protecting your personal information, image, reputation and your future all comes down
to the world wide web.
Let's look at some examples
Internet Safety
Answering the key questions to have a lasting
impression and influence.
Chapter Facebook Page
Manager of the Graham FFA group, create a document in Google Docs, share the file with the rest of the team.
Content Calendar!
Questions? Comments? Let me know! :)
I hope you learned something!
Whew, we're done!
Online Safety
Kelsey Giesler, Communications Coordinator
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center
Don't give out your personal information...
Or you might meet this guy.
What you post today, will be online forever... and ever.
Snapchat- the sexting app?
So, what are your security and privacy settings like?
Password ninjas
Create a strong password:
1. Mix letters and numbers
2. Use upper and lowercase
3. Throw in a number or two
4. Avoid birth dates, graduation
dates, school, etc. (avoid
How secure is Wifi?
What else
could be impacted
by over sharing?
Always protect your mobile
Security Apps:
1. LockOut Mobile Security
2. iHound
3. AVG for Android
4. Norton Mobile Security
1. 113 cell phones are lost or stolen every minute in the US
2. $7 million worth of smartphones are lost daily
3. 96% of the US population currently use cell phones
Listen to your parents
Don't talk to strangers
Be open and honest
Let someone know if you're worried about
creepers, cybercriminals, or cyberbulling.
Simple as that.
12% of teens have met
someone they only knew
through online interactions
Be weary of the unknown
Shopping sites, dating sites, contests/competitions, unfamiliar websites, etc. cost Americans millions of dollars each year. Be careful around the holiday season, especially Christmas.
Think before you click
And make sure your security software is up to date
Step #1:
Step #2:
Who is your target audience?
What is your goal? (Remember a goal is tangible, an objective is not.)
Step #3:
How will you accomplish your goal?
Step #4:
How will you manage your goal?
1. Create a plan 2. Create ENGAGING content
3. Market the page 4. Effectively run the page.
Identify who you are and what your goals are for the page:
Create the content
Identifying who your target audience is, as well as your goal, will help determine what content you'll need to create.
1. Have news worthy, "what's in it for me" content
KISS approach- posts should be under 80 characters if possible
You have 3 seconds to capture my attention
2. Have you done your research?
Articles, newspapers, career options, industry trends
Upcoming events, projects, student achievements
3. Stimulate the senses
Words are boring, use photos, videos to capture attention and let the visuals and audio tell the story!
4. Engagement
Your page should be engaging. Give your fans a reason to come back
Ask questions, take polls, name it/guess it, competition, discussion feature
Market your page
First impressions matter! Select a profile picture and cover photo. Make sure the "about us" section is complete.
Your audience and content will determine how to market the page.
Where's your audience located?
What do they like?
What will they read?
What will they react to?
How can you reach them?
Effectively run the page
Having a direction, purpose and goal will help you manage the site and put everyone on the same page.
Be consistent

Nominate a page manager, co-manager, writers, researchers, photographer, videographer

Create a content calendar (which is what we're going to do next!)

Keep at it, don't be disheartened if you don't see immediate growth.
Kelsey Giesler, Communications Coordinator
Ohio Hi-Point Career Center
1. Don't give personal information
2. Don't over share, and remember, what you post will be accessible forever, even if you delete it
3. Make sure your privacy settings are actually protecting you
4. Be mindful of WiFi hot spots
5. Be open and honest with your parents
6. Understand the dangers if you aren't responsible or knowledgeable about the internet
7. The internet is a wonderful resource, and the more you know, the more you can enjoy instant answers and conversations, while still being protected
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