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College Admissions Considerations

No description

Nefara Riesch

on 5 November 2014

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Transcript of College Admissions Considerations

College Admissions Considerations
Intellectual Potential:
How likely are you to succeed academically in college?
Who You Are:
What are you like outside of the numbers?
What life experiences do you bring?
A-G Requirements (fundamentals for college readiness)
Cumulative GPA
2.0+ CSUs
2.5+ Private Colleges & Universities
3.0+ UCs
Requirements vs. Competitiveness
Grades in specific classes
Coursework rigor - Are you ready for college?
SAT/ACT Scores - Universal testing to gauge English/Math/Scientific Reasoning Levels
What do you care about? What skills do you bring?
Your Life Outside of the Classroom
Personal Statement
Transcripts and Testing
School activities/clubs/sports
Community involvement
Community activities and responsibilities
Community service
Responsibilities to the home or your family
Your grades, test scores, and resume can't speak to who you are as a person
There is more to you than just numbers and titles!
Obstacles you've overcome and adversity you've faced
Letters of Recommendation
Classroom/Discussion participation
Intellectual curiosity/potential
Leadership qualities
How you spend your time outside of the classroom
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