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Input and Output devices

I am going to explain about input and output devices in this prezi

Antonio Beato

on 17 October 2012

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Transcript of Input and Output devices

Input and Output devices This is a prezi about input and output devices An output device turns the data given into information to show. Output devices Input devices are used to put data in hardware's such as Xbox 360 and the pc. Input devices These are the common input devices that we use almost everyday Common input devices We use the keyboard to type stuff into a computer or laptop. We use the mouse to navigate the computer. Kids and some adult gamers use Xbox controllers to play games and by pressing corresponding buttons to be able to do something in the game. These are the devices we can see everyday Commmon output devices Everyday we use a tv once to watch a favourite program or the news. Bassically the output device is what you can see on the screen. Speakers are on almost every piece of technology. They're on tvs,laptops and touchscreens like the IPad. People with disabilities have special technology for them to be able to use computers. Input devices for the disabled The Braille keyboard is used by people who are blind or visually impaired. As you can see it's the same as a normal keyboard but with Braille technology. This machine is called the eye typer. It works by camera tracking where your eyes go on the screen.
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